Feb 21, 2013

How to film yourself: Move'n see vs Soloshot

Everyone will recognize his/her photographer ... In your dreams ! We all have this problem...find someone to satisfy our narcissistic needs to be caught on video.
Here are 2 devices to film yourself automatically : Move'n see and Soloshot


Move'N'see Description.
 Tracker is supplied with neither a tripod nor a camcorder. It is possible to order these additional items on this website : movensee.com .The Beeper is the special armband worn by the athlete to be filmed.
Content of the Tracker & Beeper pack:
A Tracker with its standard fitting interface for a tripod (3/8’’ UNC thread) and a standard screw (1/4’’ UNC thread) on which to attach a video camcorder.
  1. A Beeper paired with a Tracker, along with its armband
  2. A battery for the Tracker, and its charger
  3. A battery for the Beeper, and its charger
  4. A cable to connect the Tracker and the video camcorder. This cable is vital for the following commands: automatic zoom, start and stop recording controlled by the Beeper, and turning the camcorderon and off as controlled by the Beeper.
Compatible camcorders: SONY PJ260VE, CX740VE, CX250E. On demand: AX-2000E
Automating framing outdoors. PAN and ZOOM; The TILT must be set manually by the user before filming. Anti-theft system with bike lock attach point, keys to protect vital functions (but no alarm system) Portable Thanks to the functions controlled remotely by the Beeper:
  1. Start and stop the recording when you like
  2. Choose between normal and wide zoom.
  3. Monitor system data: state of the camera, batteries.

Here's a little clip with the Move'nsee device.

Some specs of Soloshot (U.S. development).

Soloshot Base
  1. Rugged engineering grade ABS polymer enclosure
  2. Security feature allows for locking camera to SOLOSHOT
  3. Freely spins 360 degrees continuously (Tilt manually set at start up)
  4. Internal rechargeable battery
  5. 5+ hour battery life
  6. Standard camera mount screw (1/4")
  7. Works with most cameras, from camcorders to SLRs
  8. Super bright LED can be seen from the water so you know SOLOSHOT is still pointing at you (only visible in a narrow band)

  1. Up to 2000 foot range
  2. Extremely durable
  3. Extremely waterproof in both saltwater and freshwater (No cases to open or close. No battery to take out and charge. Just legit waterproofing you would expect from electronics designed for the ocean)
  4. Waveproof
  5. Internal rechargeable battery
  6. 5+ hour battery life

  1. Comfortable
  2. Fits most arm sizes
  3. Elastic
  4. Made of non-corrosive nylon

  1. 5 feet tall at full extension
  2. 3 collapsable legs
  3. Collapses down to 2ft
  4. Wide stance option for windy days
  5. SOLOSHOT comes attached but can be removed with special tools if you want to use your own tripod. Please note SOLOSHOT works best with the tripod provided or a similarly sturdy professional tripod with no other pan/tilt head attached. We suggest using SOLOSHOT with the tripod provided.

  1. Fits US outlets
  2. Works with international outlets up to 240V with standard adaptor (adaptor not included)
9V 1.5A
Marc Moore of windydream give us some details about soloshot system :

Perfomance appraisal.
Imagine that you are surfing for more than hour in a shifting line up due to tide, you'll be happy to be well centered on your movie.
Move'nsee has a big advantage on the Soloshot system, because of his ability to rotate vertically, the Tilt that must be set manually before filming on the "classic" model. The "high class" has an automatic TILT, an alarm system, and automatic correction of tripod horizontality misalignments to save time and gain precision.
Nevertheless, if  Soloshot is a less technical product, it can  fit with more cameras than the Move'nsee device and it's less expensive.
In conlusion, two nice toys that will help you to improve your skills with better debriefing because of 100% sessions shot. You should visithttp://www.movensee.com/ and http://soloshot.com/  to find exactly what kind of level of technology you need. Various options are proposed byMove'nsee.
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