Mar 30, 2013

How To Do: Strapless Forward Roll

PKRA Dakhla 2013

It's a wrap! The first 2013 PKRA stop ended yesterday afternoon in the saharian dunes. A lot of surprises on this event, a lot of nice action and some deceptions gave some rythm to this competition week.
Overall, we have one main observation: the young rising riders' levels are going through the roof! Ewan Jaspan andLiam Whaley might be concerning the more established podium takers more this year than they even did. They won their battles against super good riders like Christophe TackAlberto Rondina and Eudazio Da Silva. ButYouri Zoon, the Dutch King, came back to put the young bucks back in their place. Youri, who got kicked out of the single elimination because of his disqualification against Christophe Tack in the second round, had to climb the whole ladder to get back on the podium. He did, linking heats and tricks with an energy, a rage and an unerring determination and commitment. He finally gets stopped by his room-mate, Marc Jacobs, in semi final, and finishes his quest on the third step of the podium. Marc Jacobs and Alex Pastor meet then in final and the bearded Spanish rider wins.
1- Alex Pastor
2- Marc Jacobs
3- Youri Zoon

On the women's side, the Cezch Paula Novotna  showed some pretty passing skills (blind judge, 313) and secures her 4th place just behind the unbreakable head trio: Bruna, Karolina and Gisela. These three kept the same ranking than in the single elimination, with Gisela Pulido  stopping  Bruna Kajiya  in semi finals, and with a very powerful and committed Karolina Winkowska  in the finals, who takes the victory against the Spanish star.
1- Karolina Winkowska
2- Gisela Pulido
3- Bruna Kajiya

Mar 28, 2013

Darko + Fuel + Predator

Eric Reinstra’s new video! Shot in Brazil watch Eric shredding in that warm water paradise.

Mar 27, 2013

Keahi, Moona and Reo – Delivering the goods…

Keahi de Aboitiz, Moona Whyte and Reo Stevens tearing up their home turf. Enjoy…Lonny

PKRA 2013 Dakhla – Wave Event Video

Summary of the wave event in Dakhla, Morocco of the 2013 PKRA.

East Coast Overdose: The Slider Cut

Sixty days of filming, shredding, and more beer then a frat party can serve up in a year. Here it is the final chapter of East Coast Overdose. This video features Chris Bobryk, Sam Medysky, Craig Cunningham, and Eric Rienstra kill it in the final days of the windy season in Brazil.

Mar 25, 2013

Jalou and Kevin Langeree win the PKRA Dakhla Wave Competition

Today marked the return of wave competitions to the PKRA. The competition was held in Dakhla, Morocco on the right-hand bread next to town. The swell started in the morning at around 1 meter with winds around 15 knots and by the end of the day we had 5 meter sets and 20 knots of wind; we could not have asked for better conditions. The competition featured many international and local riders. In the end it was the Dutch brother sister combo of Jalou and Kevin Langeree who won the PKRA Dakhla wave event. The Best wave scores were by Figueiredo 9.00 and J.Langeree 7.73, and the highest heat totals were Henrique with a 15.87 and Jalou with 13.73.
Today started early with the shuttle ready to pick up all the riders and crew at 8 AM at Dakhla Attitude to be ready for at 10 o’clock start. The forecast was for building swell and strong wind. We knew that we would run the event at low tide with a rising tide and building winds for the afternoon to ensure that the finals would be run in the best conditions. The competition was run in a dingle format, meaning that a rider could lose a heat and still have a second chance to come back and win.
I the first round of the competition was a three-man heat format. This format allows the top men to advance an extra round and guarantees him a better spot. Early in the heats the locals had the advantage of knowing where the best spot would be to catch the waves and had a better read of the waves with their local knowledge. Very quikly the visiting pros learned the layout and were able to shred the waves. The local stand outs were Roussafi Rachid, Bouceta Yassine and Hamaini Soufiane.
In the third round of men competition, many of the heats were close. The first heat between Guias and Lentz was very close, Guias showing his smooth surfing skills while lentz took more risk on the bigger waves and got the win. Morrice and Tringale both got some good rides and put a good fight but failed to advance to the quarters. In the quarter finals Langeree, Henrique, Figueiredo and Lago charged the building swell and made it to the semifinals.
Kevin Langeree: “I am stoked to win, did not think I was going to do this well and on top of that my sister also wins, so cool”
In the first semifinal between Kevin Langeree and Abel Lago, Kevin set the pace from the start and Abel had to try to match his scores. However kevin pushed his lead event more by scoring a 7.77 on his final wave. The second semifinal was between Henrique and Figueiredo, Henrique miss timed his heat and got a wave too early that did not score. Nuno capitalized on his mistake and scored a 7.17 on his opening wave and secured the lead. The final was between Figueiredo and Langeree, Langeree scored a 7 on his opening wave with one hit on a 5 meter set wave. Figueiredo got a couple solid scores but Kevin got a big was in the dying minutes of the heat to secure his win.
The women’s ladder was very tough with the top four girls all being able to win the title. Dominique Cartan and Tanga Rosenkranz tried to challenge the top girls but were unable to pull off an upset. In the semifinals Jalou Langeree was on fire scoring a 7.73 and 6 to get in the final. Kari responded with two big scores a 6.67 and 6.57 but it was not enough. The other semifinal was between Correia and Kirsty, Correira scored a 7 and 6.33 and closed the door on Kirsty who had some good scores but could not match correia’s power turns.
The final heat of the women had some really big waves and the girls had to be careful not to get caught by a closeout sets. Jalou took more risk on the waves, going harder to the lip and was rewarded with a title.
We caught up with some riders and asked them about their thoughs on the event.
Jalou Langeree: “I am really happy to win the event riding backside, having trained frontside the past three month in SA, going to maui really helped with my backside surfing”
Predro Henrique “It was fun to come to an event and meet the best freestylers in the world and hangout in Dakhla”
Nuno Figueiredo “The organization at the event site was great with a BBQ, Tent and big conditions like at home.”

Mar 22, 2013

Slingshot Asylum Special Edition

Slingshot Asylum contest
Having a sick board to ride is awesome.
Having a limited edition of a sick board to ride is even better than awesome: it's fantabulous!
Slingshot Kites gives you 3 chances to win one of the 12 limited edition boards produced with Alex Fox's graphics on it:
"Alex and Slingshot Sports are giving away 3 hand made Special Edition Asylum boards to 3 lucky winners.
Alex is not only a Slingshot Elite Team Rider, but he's also a gifted artist as well. Alex’s art has been featured on previous Slingshot products and now we are proud to release an Alex Fox “Special Edition” Asylum. These boards are true "one of a kind" works of art. Only 12 will be produced. Here is your chance to get you hands on one of these extremely limited boards.
Here's what you need to do to win:
Submit any creative image via Instagram with the hashtag #asylumgiveaway (submit as many as you would like).
Follow Alex Fox(@notalexfox) and Slingshot Kiteboarding(@slingshotkite) to see what inspires others and what you're up against.
Alex will pick the three contest winners and announce them April 12 on the Slingshot Kite Facebook page.
Have fun with it!"

Mar 20, 2013

Being A Fish 0.3 – Thomas Paris Triple SSS Wildcard Video

Part 3 of the “Being a Fish” series by Thomas Paris, some mellow freestyle with a high degree of technicality in this one, and as we are expecting many riders to do over the coming days, it’s been tagged as a Triple S Wildcard video. We’re not sure how the judges will take to the footstraps on this one, but there is no doubt his riding is of the right standard! Good luck Thomas!

Mar 17, 2013

Alex Neto: Crow Mobe 5

Directly from Brazil, Crow Mode 5 by Alex Neto.

Mar 15, 2013

Hawaii Sessions 2

Keahi de Aboitiz, Moona Whyte and Reo Stevens. What else to say? These guys just rip.

Mar 13, 2013

KTA Indonesia

Watch this short wrap up of the KTA Indonesia that took place on Bintan Island last February. Truly magical beaches, great riding and wonderful weather. Makes us miss summer even more.

Mar 9, 2013

Matt Judic in Philippines

Have a look at Mike Judic riding in Philippines. This short movie was shot by Nicolas Paris and we hope you will enjoy it!

Mar 8, 2013

How To Do: Strapless Backside Air Chop Hop

Some of the basics to preform a Backside Air off of wind chop.

THE BEST online performance of MITU MONTEIRO

Mar 7, 2013

Rock-It – Nuno Stru Figueiredo

Nuno Stru Figueiredo catches some wave time in Portugal. 

Mar 6, 2013

Toby Braeuer : Airtsyle, why this DVD?

Airstyle, why this DVD? It is true, it's a question that came up often in our minds ... as well as another one: why air style?
And then we put aside our sarcastic humour. We have to admit, what make he general public and the peanut gallery do OOOOOOhhhhs and AAAAHHHHhhhs ? Is it the back mobe, or is it the board off pizza toss? Is it the sick press on a slider, or is it the big air with lots of airtime and a triple rotation? If you need more proof, just think of how much noise the Red Bull King of the Air made this year...
Alright, this side of thing can be appealing for a lot of people. Toby Brauer is the king and master of aerial ballet and here he is, answering our questions. Toby, the screen is all yours:

Mar 5, 2013

How To Do: Surfboard Tack

Watch this video and learn some quick tips on how to surfboard tack.

Mar 4, 2013

Barneys in Paradise

Pike Harris
Sean Mertens
Reed BradyJames Ropner
Pike Harris, Sean Mertens, Josh Brady, Reed Brady and  James Ropner are the Barneys team riding in paradise...Outstanding images shot with a sony FS 700 in water housing by Brian Caserio. (

Blue Crush by Suzanne Kuiper

Suzanne Kuiper showing her best skills in the masive waves of the legendary reef break at One Eye during the KSP tour 2012.

Mar 3, 2013

Over The Water

Filmed in 2009, Over the water, is a documentary about the origins of kiteboading, the first competitions and also give us a nice view of Aaron Hadlow’s career.

Mar 2, 2013

Best Kitesurf Crashes

Clash With Boots

Are you ready for a new special Clash offer?

More and more people are changing there riding style to boots, we in Clash thought that we needed to be part of this movement, what a better way than trowing out to the market a 2013 pack at the most affordable price and at the best quality. Find out more in the video!

Mar 1, 2013

FreeRide Project 2 teaser

The UK crew know how to do it! Watch the FreeRide Project 2 teaser and a short re-cap of the South African summer!!