Mar 30, 2013

PKRA Dakhla 2013

It's a wrap! The first 2013 PKRA stop ended yesterday afternoon in the saharian dunes. A lot of surprises on this event, a lot of nice action and some deceptions gave some rythm to this competition week.
Overall, we have one main observation: the young rising riders' levels are going through the roof! Ewan Jaspan andLiam Whaley might be concerning the more established podium takers more this year than they even did. They won their battles against super good riders like Christophe TackAlberto Rondina and Eudazio Da Silva. ButYouri Zoon, the Dutch King, came back to put the young bucks back in their place. Youri, who got kicked out of the single elimination because of his disqualification against Christophe Tack in the second round, had to climb the whole ladder to get back on the podium. He did, linking heats and tricks with an energy, a rage and an unerring determination and commitment. He finally gets stopped by his room-mate, Marc Jacobs, in semi final, and finishes his quest on the third step of the podium. Marc Jacobs and Alex Pastor meet then in final and the bearded Spanish rider wins.
1- Alex Pastor
2- Marc Jacobs
3- Youri Zoon

On the women's side, the Cezch Paula Novotna  showed some pretty passing skills (blind judge, 313) and secures her 4th place just behind the unbreakable head trio: Bruna, Karolina and Gisela. These three kept the same ranking than in the single elimination, with Gisela Pulido  stopping  Bruna Kajiya  in semi finals, and with a very powerful and committed Karolina Winkowska  in the finals, who takes the victory against the Spanish star.
1- Karolina Winkowska
2- Gisela Pulido
3- Bruna Kajiya