Apr 30, 2013


Top Hat Surfs on a Alaia surfboard from Obeche Boards while flying his EH Ripper. Strapless, Finless, Rockerless... The board is waxed with Jimbo's Surf Company wax made on a wood burning stove. Thanks to Corn Doggy Dog & the 1/2 pound for the good clean filth...

Apr 29, 2013

Salt water lust - Hugo Guias 2013

Hugo Guias,pro kitesurfer during his winter training in brazil.
Full of kitesurf tricks are at the meeting in this movie. So,enjoy it!

Airton Cozzolino and Kai Lenny

After winning the 2011 Kitesurf Wave World Championship, Airton Cozzolino has set another goal for himself. This time young, ambitious rider from Cabo Verde is trying to make his way to the top in SUP championships. He is doing it with the help of three-time Stand Up Paddling World Champion, Kai Lenny. In the first episode of a series, Airton arrives in Hawaii and starts to gain confidence on Maui’s big waves.

A Weekend With Dioneia Vieira

Meet Dioneia Vieira, young Brazilian kitesurfer. In this film you can experience her regular weekend with a lot of training and some awesome partying with friends. Spots pictured in this edit are lagoons around Cumbuco.
“I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.” – Dioneia Vieira


Apr 27, 2013

How To Do: Backroll with a surfboard (strapless)

Cato Olsen on WH 5'7" Magnum

Strapless airs is sick fun and highly addictive !! Shoot this one both from beach, and with the GoPro line mount. Here`s 10 qucik tips on how to do a strapless backroll with a surfboard:
1. Loose those straps !!!
2. Get your`e wax on !!!
3. All strapless airs are much easier done with a bigger surfboard.
4. Find a good balance on your`e board 4. Spot your`e wave 5.
Build up speed !!!
6. Take off, and catch the Board. Get the wind under your`e board. This is key !!
7. Try to keep the board close to your`e feet as you rotates. This will make the landing easier.
8. Spot your`e landing and get the board under your feet.
9. Bend Your`e knees for soft landing, and ride off with an amazing feeling ! 10. Go home and have a cold beer !!! 

Apr 25, 2013

Girls Session : Summer Days

The girls are really progressing around the globe and bring us videos that are super fun to watch. Fabienne and Malin spent their winter in the summer, in other word they went to ride a few months in Australia, the type of place where it's nice to stroll around in your bikini... and throw down on the water.

Apr 23, 2013

Finals Double Elimination 2013 PKRA Mondial Du Vent

Marc Jacobs vs.Alex Pastor

Gisela Pulido vs. Karolina Winkowska

How To Do: S-Bend with Colleen Carroll

Indo Waves explored – Part 2

Indo waves explored by Bertrand Fleury. This is a part two of a series picturing Bertrand Fleury trip to Indonesia. After watching this clip Indo trip is definitely on our to do list.

"Pushing Limits" by Inês Correia

Video of Ines Correia during the first stage of world kitewave PKRA in Dakhla, Morocco.

Apr 22, 2013

Florida Pit-Stop

Quick trip to Florida with Colleen Carroll and Craig Cunningham!

2013 PKRA Mondial Du Vent – Single Elimination Finals

Check out the finals from yesterday in Leucate at the PKRA France. Hadlow vs Pastor and Gisela vs Winkowska some truly awesome riding from the men and the women, it never fails to impress me how far the top level of the women’s side of the sport has come!

Apr 20, 2013

Simple Souls

Simple Souls is a short movie of Ryland Blakeney shot by Darren McCagh. It’s about a kite trip but above all about people. The one these guys met during the journey were kind, happy, helpful. The lead peaceful lives that many of us who live in the big cities of Western world forgot how to lead. Enjoy.
simple souls

A day in Denmark

Strapless wave kitesurfing in Denmark. Short edit filmed mostly from the kiteboarder perspective that is reallypleasant to watch. Have a look!

Apr 19, 2013

How To Do: KGB

Here is a simple, step by step guide of performing one of the coolest tricks in kiteboarding. Pro Kitesurfer Tobias Hölter shows you how to the KGB. Feel free to pause the video to analyze every step in detail. Then go on the water and start practising.


Last February Slingshot Australia showcased kitesurfing as a demonstration sport at the Surf Fest event, an ASP 6 star World Qualifying Series (WQS) held in Newcastle Australia.
This was significant step for Kite surfing because it gave the whole surf industry, pro surfers and the large public an opportunity to see the potential of a kite to surf.
A group of riders leaded by Patrick Rebstock did a 20 min demonstration in front of thousands of surfing spectators at Merewether beach in New South Wales.

Apr 17, 2013

Carada by Airton Cozzolino Lopes & Matchu Lopes Almeida

The North kiteboarding riders Airton Cozzolino Lopes and Matchu Lopes Almeida  are two kool cats in perfect conditions for some strapless kitesurfing. ... solid conditions in Ponta Preta and sick riding. Worth watching it !
Airton Cozzolino Lopes © Gabriele Rumbolo

Ian Alldredge & Jeremie Eloy in Kujuukurihama Japan

Oxbow team riders Ian Alldredge and Jeremie Eloy filmed during a photoshooting in Kujuukurihama Japan. You can't cheat small waves and light wind...

Apr 16, 2013

Slider Party 2013

Slider Party is the 70′s style production Edited by Benoit Paillard.
It features awesome riding from a huge number of talented riders such as:
Aaron Hadlow, Billy Parker, Sam Light, Alex Fox, James Boulding, Tom Court, Sam Medysky, Brandon Scheid, Daniel Grant, Alex Campet, Nicolas Etienne, Thomas Paris, Kevin Sudrat, Matthew Sexton, Sean Reyngoudt and Bertrand Beauchet
But see for yourself.
Filmed by Benoit Paillard, Olivier Sautet, Alexandre Campet, Bertrand Beauchet, Tristan Sydein Covein

Cabarete with SOLOSHOT

Henry Burgers, Nicolas Suriel and Joselito training in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. 3 Kiters, 2 SOLOSHOTs and one roaming cameraman. 

Lithium Zerp - No Strut Lightwind Freeride

Lithium Zero


The Airush Lithium introduces a revolutionary new kite size and configuration to the range, taking the all-terrain performance of the name into the lightest of wind.
The Airush Lithium 18m Zero takes the concept of making lighter kites to a new level by eliminating all struts. With four years of development along side the Airush One, the result of reducing struts and overall weight highlights the obvious benefit, resulting in the most innovative light-win d kites on the market. At 3.4 kg the 18m Zero is comparable in weight to a regular 10m kite.
Large kites do not need to be sluggish and slow. Quick and live ly, the Airush Lithium Zero, eliminates unnecessary material and drag, making response and steering effortless and fun. Boasting unbeatable power to weight ratio the Zeros jumping and hang-time capabilities are amazing.
Not only quick, the Zero is ideal for the lightest wind wave riding with minimal drag giving the words “drifting” and “stability” a whole new meaning. Just park your kite and watch the Zero follow you as you ride the wave down the line.

The unique wingtips found on the Zero no strut design allow high exposure of canopy, assisting in light-wind relaunching. In addition, the high sweep of the canopy reduces the contact of leading edge to the water.

New Airush Slayer - Lightwind & Strapless


Introducing the Slayer
With a significant trend towards customers riding surfboard on flatwater, focusing on jumping, carving and surface tricks, we developed a unique new product.  The evolution of the Slayer has opened up an extremely fun aspect of kiting for riders who are not blessed with waves or stronger winds.  The brekathrough comes with the step bottom, which creates incredible stability; this enables intermediate riders to ride strapless with ease, even at 60cm wide.  The Slayer 54 serves up a compact and dynamic ride for higher wind and bigger air.  Its the new style.
The Slayer features a Non-Stick Tail angled 45degrees to prevent the board from catching while riding the board fins first. This makes the Slayer extremely forgiving and skatey when learning new strapless tricks like 180s and shuv-its.
The duel step bottom found on the Slayer is positioned just behind the front foot creating a double planning surface. The board therefore remains neutral between the back and front foot adding more stability at speed.
The Strakes featured on the Slayer 54 and 60 channel water through multiple V steps which improve drive when turning. They also break water flow limiting the bounce under the nose when carving hard. These two attributes increase the comfort and control of the Slayer giving more mobility and movement for the this size board.
Exclusively on the Slayer board, the Arch Bar Pad gives a better grip and hold when riding strapless. This arch bar becomes especially convient when riding with the larger fins featured on this board.
Boards Accessories:
Slayer 54: 2 Airush Directional Straps Included
Slayer 60: 3 Airush Directional Straps Included

Apr 12, 2013


Bertrand Fleury on his trip to Indonesia.
“I have been coming here for more than 9 years now and it has never let me down. This is an amazing place in Indonesia where life still is simple. People are great, the food fresh and the waves are just the best… Together with my friend Ben we got some awesome time in the water kiting and surfing, but he also had time to shoot some video as well.”

Apr 11, 2013

Seb Garat riding in Guadeloupe

Seb Garat comes back after a 5 month break he had to take due to a shoulder injury. This video was filmed in February 2013 at spots such as Bois Jolan, Ilet Blanc, Pointe Des Châteaux and Saint François in Guadeloupe.

Apr 10, 2013

Chilly Colours Teaser

Maurício Pedreira in Chile 2013. This video pictures the kite & wave trip with Maurício Pedreira and his family , Sibele , Cauê and Davi to Chile during Easter time. Beautiful views, a lot of waves and strapless kitewave action by Maurício. Great moments in great company.

Apr 7, 2013

How To Do: Pete Rose 540

It is, once again, a trick coming from wakeboarding with a toeside start for a backroll followed by a frontside 540. 

Triple S wildcard – Mix-Tape – Alexander Lewis-Hughes

The Ozone rider, Alexander Lewis-Hughes :
"My entry for a wildcard into the 2013 triple S competition in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA.
In the true spirit of the SSS I put a mixture of all styles encompassing the comp, with an extra "S" added for good measure... That means this is a quadruple-S wildcard video... that's nek level."

Cesar Portas in BALI

North Kiteboarding rider Cesar Portas  :
"I decided to give a bit of a rest to my Team Series and take my Whip X-Surf for a trip.
Yep! Its the hybrid board from NKB for surf and Kitesurf! It works super good on the everydays medium and small waves, es la tabla ideal para un viaje!
The fast entry rocker, the rocket tail and the quad fin, makes a super fast board, super easy to enjoy any wave with or without your Kite.
This is the edit of my holiday trip to Bali!"

Apr 3, 2013

@ TonaBoards Shaping

Shaping action in the Tona shaping room.

Slingshot + Sam Light

Watch Sam Light’s introduction video to the Slingshot Family. This is the teaser and part one of a two part series.

Kiteboarding in Western Canada

This video pictures Brandon Bowe kiteboarding in Western Canada, his home spots during the summer 2012. We hope we will be seeing more of this talented kid in 2013. Enjoy!

The Kiteshow Ep9

Show Episode 9: Tom Court 

The Kite Show Episode 9 from The Kite Show on Vimeo.

Apr 1, 2013

How To Do: 315 by Alby

Alby drops a good game of cards and puts his teacher hat on to teach us how to do the 315. 
For the technicality a 315  is a 313 with a 180, to land toeside.