Apr 27, 2013

How To Do: Backroll with a surfboard (strapless)

Cato Olsen on WH 5'7" Magnum

Strapless airs is sick fun and highly addictive !! Shoot this one both from beach, and with the GoPro line mount. Here`s 10 qucik tips on how to do a strapless backroll with a surfboard:
1. Loose those straps !!!
2. Get your`e wax on !!!
3. All strapless airs are much easier done with a bigger surfboard.
4. Find a good balance on your`e board 4. Spot your`e wave 5.
Build up speed !!!
6. Take off, and catch the Board. Get the wind under your`e board. This is key !!
7. Try to keep the board close to your`e feet as you rotates. This will make the landing easier.
8. Spot your`e landing and get the board under your feet.
9. Bend Your`e knees for soft landing, and ride off with an amazing feeling ! 10. Go home and have a cold beer !!!