May 30, 2013

Time-lapse video with GoPro Hero 2 and a IKEA Timer

Very easy to do but time consuming of course, not post-production but watching that timer rotate :) The timer is from IKEA (Article: ORDNING), really cheap and works great! Swedish design but like almost everything nowadays made in China :) The timer rotates a full 360 degree when set to 1 hour.

Kiteboarding Dream Sessions

Ever had a kiteboarding session that felt like a dream? Jake Kelsick has had a few. : )

May 29, 2013


Have a look at this short yet inspiring video picturing Stefan Spiessberger, a rider from Austria talking about his life as a professional kiteboarder.
“Kiteboarding changed my life – from riding my bike to my homespot in Austria every single day to traveling around the world and enjoying the most beautiful spots for Kiteboarding all year long. When I did my first turns on a Kiteboard, I knew that this was something special – freedom, nature and a fast progression made this sport my biggest passion. But there was one thing that I didn’t expect in first place – to make a profession out of my hobby. Being able to live that live still feels like a dream to me!”

Wainman Hawaii Punch

Chris Burke talks you through the Wainman Hawaii Punch and why he likes it so much, in his own words the ultimate light wind freestyle kite… Some great footage from Kite Beach, Maui in this edit!

Erik Volpe Egyptian Week

Short but sweet, Eric Volpe sashes out a few moves in Egypt at the Pro Kite Academy. 

May 28, 2013

Maui Throwback

thumb_44058Maui is undoubtedly kitesurfing mecca, it’s a birth place of this sport and a perfect spot for every kiteboarder. It offers a medley of some of the best world class conditions. Ranging from perfect waves, to awesome kickers, and butter flat water, its a true kiteboarding marvel.
Slingshot team took full advantage of all Maui had to offer and had tons of fun. With new teammates, new filmmakers, and new friends this trip pictured here was one hell of a trip.

May 27, 2013

Sri Lanka FreeRide – Tom Court

Tom Court after recovering from the broken rib injury has been really busy visiting spots in South Africa and Marocco and filming. As a little break he took a trip to Sri Lanka where he atended some advance kite clinic’s alongside Fabio Ingrosso and explored some of the hundreds of flat water spots that exist in that area of Sri Lanka. Says Tom “It is as great place to kite if you are looking for a freestyle playground with flat water and strong winds, and what an amazing country!”



One Day. One Camera. One Slick. Check Brandon Scheid, Eric Rienstra, Sensi Graves & Brian Smith in this quick edit strait from The REAL Slider Park in Cape Hatteras, NC.

May 23, 2013

Alby on Maui

Alberto Rondina and Annabel Van Westerop training and exploring during a recent visit to Cabrinha's Design Center on Maui.

Milla Ferreira in Hawaii

Chilly Colours

First part of Maurício Pedreira’s trip during Eastern to explore the coast of Chile. Along with his family, Mauricio finds great waves and wind, and stunning scenarios along the coast .

May 22, 2013

Watershot for Iphone

watershot - iphone housing

Purpose-Built for the Extreme Demands of Water Sports

Watershot® for the iPhone® is a photo and video imaging solution for water sports enthusiasts & athletes who have traded their digital cameras for the simplicity and capability of the iPhone.

More specs & info @

Kite Control - Youri, Gisela, Sam, Lewis & Michael

When the team get together at the start of the season you know everyone will have their game face on. Check out the action from Youri, Gisela, Sam, Lewis and Michael as they wind it up for the start of the season.

Billy Parker : Heel Side Back 5

The artwork of the day is a Heel Side Back 5 off a kicker, with the kite so low it's almost going for a swim! So beautiful, we almost have a little tear!!

GUST II Windependence

You can’t miss this short video. Features great wakestyle and wave riding footage.
One of the best trailer of the past year. We are looking forward for the full movie.

May 20, 2013

Golden Lake

Watch the portuguese rider Paulino Pereira freestyle session at Lagoa de Albufeira.

B&E: Florida

Billy Parker and Eric Rienstra trade off on a Gopro as they shred their way around Florida in the spring of 2013.

Kite Fest 2013

Video with the best moments from the KITEFEST 2013. This festival took place in San Juan, Argentina and this year had the participation of Jesse Richman.

May 19, 2013

I Believe I Can Fly

This is the trailer of I Believe I Can Fly – a hydrofoil story.



“Hamata” is a short video from Luis Vojtechovskyme, about working and training in Hamata. We filmed at a small island with perfect conditions about 3 miles away from the coast.

May 17, 2013

Catching Up With Andy

We recently spent some time with Andy Yates to see where he has been, what he has been up to and what his plans for the future are...

One day in Oz

2012/13 kiteboarding season of a Polish rider, Przemyslaw Wojcik was spent in Sunshine Coast, Eastern Australia. This short clip shot by Glen Bowden was shot a year after Przemyslaws bad shoulder reconstruction surgery.
It was a hard year and hard time for this rider who wasn’t able to train for a long time. A year after he is back on track spending all day kitesurfing and wakeboarding.

May 15, 2013

Slider Party 2013

This is the video from day 1 of the Slider Party 2013. In the morning the wind quickly died, so the competition moved to the 2.0 at Kum Wake Park which is right by the kite spot. Check out the action !

May 14, 2013

Camrig GoPro Mounts

"The GoPro revolutionized the way we see our sport. These little Pov devices are so portable that they allow us to film from virtually every possible angle. GoPro also released some mounts for the cameras, butCamrig went further and developed and commercialized special kitesurfing mounts.
We would like to present you the Line MountStrut Mount and GoPro Fin mount. We tested all 3 mounts with a GoPro HD camera.
Strut Mount
CAMRIG Strut Mount is fully adjustable Velcro based strut strap setup system. The mount has a universal camera housing, allowing you to fit most cameras sized: 112 x 65 x 25 millimeters.
It fits any kite with a strut area not sewn to the canopy. Best place to mount it would be the kite center strut to keep your kite balanced. Due to the adjustable padded strut strap system you can get multiple setup options. It’s a perfect mount to get helicopter style photos & videos.
Line Mount
This one is definitely our favorite. With a lightweight design, this mount has to be placed on the center lines. Just place it on any 4 or 5 line kite bar and you can start shooting great photos of you while you ride. You can adjust you camera vertically to get the best angle. We used it with the GoPro Floaty Backdoor but you can also utilize it with the GoPro leash to prevent camera loss. This mount only works when lines are stretched. When powerlines lose tension the camara may get tangled with direction lines, to us it happened a few times. This is not a big issue but you just need to pay attention and be aware of that. This mount lets you shoot or film yourself while training new tricks. Very useful when you want to find out what you can improve.
Learn how to setup the CAMRIG GoPro Line Mount for kiteboarding with a GoPro HD, or GoPro HD2.
GoPro Fin mount
The Camrig GoPro Fin mount is the best alternative to the expensive GoPro adhesive mounts. This mount prevents you from losing your GoPro camera. A real plague among fellow kitesurfers. This mount allows to adjust your camera only horizontally. You can check the video below to find out how to assemble it to your kiteboard.
Each one of the mounts has it pros and cons but its best to have them all!!!
Highly recommended!"
[from Kitemovement]

Maui 2013

Great clip by Tomas Widén to the awesome tune by Black Keys. The guys pictured in this edit went for a trip to Maui and they had an awesome time sightseeing, kiteboarding and enjoying their time of. Have a look and enjoy!

May 11, 2013

May 10, 2013

LANGA – Cidade do Sol

Langa, which means sun, is one of the oldest cities of Cape Town. Coming from apartheid, was the fate of blacks away from dignity and access to school, and the right to come and go.
Every resident of Rio de Janeiro (my birthplace) has some kind of contact with the favela, they surround us, but the “townships” of Cape Town has a different air. This origin tells a story that did not come through the rural exodus, as the Cariocas, but came from a fight – which since 1994 is silent – social apartheid. Today there is no more legal barriers preventing the right to come and go. But the fight still continues?
We saw people in precarious conditions infrastructure and housing, improvising to eat, we saw heads of goats (meat is cheaper) preserved in the sun, interestingly means Langa) while the other side restaurants were full. We had the privilege of knowing a family that is sustained by tourism. In conversation, they spent a lot of pride in being a united people, in his language, the joy of children, and small conquests that had over the years.
Students walk through the streets with their uniforms very clean. I noticed that this pride was embedded a story of victory in the struggles of a somewhat recent past: the symbol of the black revolution – Mandela – free of life imprisonment, the conquest of democratic and multiracial elections (won by – before persecuted – African National Congress on Mandela’s command), the conquest of the dignity of having access to school, among other affirmative actions implemented by the new government.
A people that reflects hope through smiles, brings many thoughts about our reality and our personal goals. Apart from sports activities with perfect conditions, Cape Town is an amazing place and even inspiring a scenario of breathtaking on a quiet evening. The feeling is of having one seed of inspiration planted in some relevant points of my being, my challenge is to be the powear to pass on. And as they say in Xhosa: Amandla!A people that reflects hope through smiles, brings many thoughts about our reality and our personal goals. Apart from sports activities with perfect conditions, Cape Town is an amazing place and even inspiring a scenario of breathtaking on a quiet evening. The feeling is of having one seed of inspiration planted in some relevant points of my being, my challenge is to be the powear to pass on. And as they say in Xhosa: Amandla!                                                                                [from Iksurfmag]

Nobile 2013 Team Video

Zero Forecast, One Spot, 7 days of kiting.
In May 2012 Nobile team want to Greek island Rhodes for a photoshoot. Regardless of zero wind forecast just before departure, the team decided not to cancel the trip and flew to Rhodes anyway. When Carlos, Eudazio, Jose, Mike, Natasha and Jannicke arrived to Prasonisi kite spot in Rhodes, it appeared the wind was was there and the conditions to ride were more than perfect. 7 days of kiting in Greece resulted in tons of extremely good pictures and this movie!

May 9, 2013

Airush Sector V4 Tech Video

Introducing the widebody revolution 4 years ago, the Sectors set the benchmark for light wind performance in an easy to use package. As we evolved the fourth generation, the true versatility of the Sectors has emerged. The Sector V4 introduces the concept of a carving configuration in smallers sizes, while ensuring that all sizes can be used competitively in open racing formats such as slalom, long distance and racing.

Matt Elsasser Episode 3 “War”

Matt showing his skills on a fun little onshore day…

Switch Kites - Combat 2 - Pro Wake Freestyle

2 years ago the Combat stormed into the competitive freestyle world taking down its competition, stealing centre stage for its stable high powered wake style performance. To keep the Combat scaring the competition we have been working hard to develop the next generation.

May 8, 2013

Flo’s morning session

A short film documenting one morning in a day of a kitesurfer Florian Scharcher. It speaks about the balance that one have to make between what one have to do and what would like to. It was filmed in Australia by Marion Schweizer.

KTA Philippines Report

The KTA China is about to kick off tomorrow, if it is anything like the event in the Philippines it should be a cracker! Here is the wrap up video from that event and a full report from Neil Godbold alongside some stunning images!
When the original 2013 KTA schedule was released Boracay in the Philippines was to be the first tour stop in January, a month of guaranteed wind in this kiting paradise. January is also the best month for kite tourism and local kite businesses and by there being a KTA stop in the middle of this month it would limit the opportunities for the local kiters. KTA’s mission is to grow kiteboarding in Asia and thanks to the support of our understanding and forward thinking local sponsors Aqua Boracay by Yoo ( the alternate date of 26 to 30 March was set and what a week it turned out to be.
This Easter break also known as ‘Holy week’ in the Philippines is one of their biggest holiday weeks and Boracay was teeming with people. The start of April is also considered the kiteboarding season end on Bulabog beach, with the winds turning 180 degrees and the kiting venue moving across to the famous White Beach. The KTA however seem to have wind wherever they go and it was once again true with not a windless day for the 4th KTA Boracay event in as many years.
This the 3rd tour stop of the season brought people from all over Asia and the world to participate once again, with 68 competitors from 21 countries competing in one or more disciplines. Heading into the event there were off course many close fought tour battles to be watched, such as between the top ladies in the Race Board (RB) class Fon Benyapa Jantawan (THA) and Kathrin Borgwardt (GER) and the top men in the freestyle class Yo Narapichit Pudla (THA) and Long Nguyen Duc (VIE). Local eyes were however on Philippine favourites Louie (Bong) Fernando in RB, Ken Nacor in RB and freestyle, Christian Tio the youngest competitor in the freestyle and Doque de los Santos, Jay Ortiz and Reynard (Along) Gajisan in the Men’s TT racing. In total there were 24 riders from the Philippines registered showing that this country must have the conditions to produce these top class athletes.
The conditions were indeed spot on during the run in to the event for the day before and on registration day the winds were there in the morning, smoothing off and becoming lighter later in the day, which was ideal for the Kite Kids Tour, which once again had an incredible turnout and interest from the local kids and support from some of the competitors who were prepared to lend a hand to get them confident and take them for a body drag or help them master the kite flying techniques.
On registration day, after all the competitors had picked up their competition packs they headed over to White Beach for the opening party. Kasbah Moroccan restaurant provided a great beach venue for sunset drinks, snacks and superb entertainment in the form of belly dancers, pole dancers and break dancers.
The second day of the event and first day of competition dawned with a stormy grey sky and ominous looking clouds with puffy wind. The locals were positive that the wind would come and seemingly on cue it arrived as the riders collected in front of Aqua Boracay by Yoo for the 9am skipper’s meeting. With the wind averaging over 14 knots the girls were sent out for the first round of the women’s single elimination freestyle the wind was looking promising, but started to drop as the men headed out for their first round. Young local favourite Christian Tio(PHI) was knocked out by top international rider Nicolas Gambier(FRA) in the first men’s heat of the day, before the freestyle was called off in the third heat.
The RB racers were sent out next with an amazing start from top women racer Fon Jantawan(THA) who kept up with the men in the first race, but unfortunately could not repeat the performance in the next two races of the day where Kathrin Borgwardt(GER) took top spot and Aya Oshima(JAP) challenged Jantawan to get one second in on the first day, showing that the women’s racing here was going to be exciting. In the men’s there were no surprises as Narapichit(Yo) Pudla(THA) lead out and Ken Nacor(PHI) was hot on his heels, leaving the rest of the fleet to fight for third spot.
The TT racing was to see more challengers as some of the top RB racers decided to join in this division. Jay Ortiz(PHI) ended on top of the men’s but the fleet mixed it up well with Dennis Wong(HKG), William Bourget(FRA) and Louie Fernando(PHI) each winning a race. For the ladies Rebecka Maudal(NOR) who had struggled in Thailand started off well, but young Yue Chen(CHN) was hot on her heels. Traditionally and RB racer Borgwardt must have found her TT rhythm after the first two races to win the last three of the day confidently, ending on top at the end of the day.
After a full day of competing the KTA crew headed out to celebrate the coming of the full moon at Moonzone. Legend has it that there is always wind on the full moon if it is celebrated well
Day three arrived sooner than many freestyle riders hoped for with good wind and an early start to continue the single elimination bracket. The first upset came in the first ladies heat of the day when Dina Muldasheva(RUS) beat the reigning Asian champ Aya Oshima(JAP). In the men’s heats Victor Borsuk(POL) came out firing with several superb combos which saw him easily working his way up the ladder. Meanwhile on the other side of the ladder we saw some superb action in strengthening winds as longtime rivals Yo Narapicit Pudla(THA) and Ken Nacor(PHI) came up against each other before the semi-finals, with Nacor going through in front of his home crowd. As is common in Boracay this time of the year the wind started backing off late in the morning, so it was decided to move onto racing and wait for more wind for the completion of the freestyle.
After lunch in steady 12 knot breeze it was time for the TT racers to get out for 3 back to back races. Xiao Cheng Deng(CHN) came through first for the men in the first race, but it was not enough to see him move up onto the podium by the end of the day. For Fernando the withdrawal of Ortiz and de los Santos, as well as several good finishes and a first on the day saw him on top of the fleet with a delighted Kappel and Wong right behind him. In the women’s Borgwardt maintained an easy lead ahead of Chen and Maudal.
The three RB races of the day saw no change in the top spots for the men, but third spot was hotly contended between Fernando and Turkish champ Taner Aykurt(TUR). The women’s RB had all the supporters on the edges of their seats at this stage with Jantawan and Borgwardt swopping top spot from race to race and ending with the exact same points at the end of the day. Anything could still happen though with two possible days of racing left and so it was time to take a night off and re-energize for the rest of the week.
Friday and day four of the competition was also the first day of the Weekend Warrior and the first ever KTA Kids Races. Eight children all from the Philippines and under the age of 14 took part. As expected Christian Tio was out front, but he did have some stiff competition and now that Remel Rentillo and Mark Maa know how, he will have to watch out. The three ladies and two men in the Weekend Warriors also had their first taste of racing and hopefully this will mean that next time KTA is in town they will step it up to the TT class. Both these race classes are seen as feeder classes for the larger race fleets as it can be intimidating for first time racers, young and old to be out there competing against dozens of other riders.
The freestylers were released early for the day that was filled with TT and RB racing. In the TT standings not much changed even though both Chinese riders were more on form again and young Yue Chen(CHN) winning both races in the ladies division. The maximum number of RB races were run in the steady light breezes with and in the men’s division Atte Kappel(NOR) stepped up to challenge for third position. In the ladies Jantawan managed to win one more race than Borgwardt and ended the day one point in the lead with Oshima settling into third with not much hope of moving up the ranks by the end of the regatta.
With all the available discipline options being exhausted the day was called to an end and an evening of friends and merriment was planned with the hope of more wind for the final day of competition and the completion of the freestyle.
The weatherman was right and the final morning of competition arrived along with 20 knots plus of wind and an 8 am start for the freestylers. First up was the men’s fight for third before the finals in both the women’s and men’s which saw Kristiin Oja(EST) beat Estefania Rosa(BRA) in a similar match to the finals in Thailand and Victor Borsuk(POL) win out against local favorite Nacor. The wind was still picking up and after a short ceremony to announce the results of the single elimination on the beach it was straight into the double elimination in perfect sunshine, flat water and 25knot conditions.
The ladies were now on their 7 and 8m kites and the men on their 9’s going big, throwing in combinations and impressing the crowds. In the ladies Oshima was the stand out of the day as she clawed up the ladder winning five heats only to be stopped once she had her feet firmly on the podium by a fresh Rosa. The windy conditions still saw these girls looping, air passing and landing wrapped and blind with power. Unfortunately the wind did start to drop in the final between Estonia’s Oja and Rosa, not allowing them to showcase the level of the ladies ability as they would have liked, but both were happy with their heats and Oja’s power is what won her top spot over Rosa once again.
In the men’s double elimination Philippine rider Reynard (Along) Gajisan also tried to stage a comeback from an unfortunate placing in the singles where he was beaten early on by the winner Borsuk. Gajisan won four heats in a row only to be stopped by Long Nguyen Duc(VIE) in a repeat of a battle that has played out at both the first two stops of this tour. Nguyen Duc then moved up to meet Nacor in a rematch from the single eliminations, which this time went in the Vietnamese rider’s favour and gave him the opportunity to challenge for top spot against Borsuk. Borsuk’s powerful combo moves both regular and switch however still kept him at the top of the freestyle results for the 2013 KTA Boracay.
There was still wind and day left and a keen group of racers who wanted to improve their results, so two more races were run in all the divisions. Deng continued to race more consistently after a bad start to the competition and finally made his way back onto the podium in the men’s TT class, with only Kappel and Fernando ahead of him. There were no changes in the ladies TT division, but a very exciting finish to the RB division racing. Due to a miscount on the number of laps there were two new winners of the first RB race of the day with Taner Aykurt(TUR) securing his third position for the event. The miscount also gave Joanna Santos(PHI) her first ever win in RB class and hopefully motivated her to continue in this division. Top ladies spot in the RB class ended closer than ever before with a tie in the final net points and only the win given to Borgwardt as she won the final race of the event in a close finish.
After a full week of kiting with results in all competition categories and 14 RB, 12 TT, 4 Kids TT and 4 Weekend Warrior races completed it was time to get dressed up for the final evening prize giving at Tides and then time to party down at Area 51.
Thanks again to local sponsor Aqua Boracay by Yoo who provided the superb location and support. Also to the support of The Department of Tourism Philippines, Boracay weather station, Kasbah, Boracay Kitchen, Boracay Kite Resort, Surfer’s Home, Tides Hotel, Moonzone and all the lovely people of Boracay.
On top of that again a final big shout-out to Cabrinha for all those lovely prizes and the support throughout the tour also to Maelstorm and Ozone for backing the KTA Kite Kids, plus our ongoing tour sponsorship support from the Blue Orange Ville and Kite Zone Thailand.
Top Three Places – KTA Philippines
Freestyle Men Freestyle Women
1. Victor Borsuk (POL) Kristiin Oja (EST)
2. Long Nguyen Duc (VIN) Estefania Rosa (BRA)
3. Ken Nacor (PHL) Aya Oshima (JPN)
RB Class Men RB Class Women
1. Yo Narapichit Pudla (THA) Kathrin Borgwardt (GER)
2. Ken Nacor (PHL) Fon Jantawan Benyapa (THA)
3. Tanner Aykurt (TUR) Aya Oshima (JPN)
TT Class Men TT Class Women
1. Louie Fernando (PHL) Kathrin Borgwardt (GER)
2. Atte Kapple (SWE) Yue Chen Jing (CHN)
3. Xiao Cheng Deng (CHN Rebecka Maudal (NOR)
Kite Kids TT
1. Christian Tio (PHL)
2. Remel Rentilo (PHL)
3. John Steven (PHL)
Weekend Warriors TT
1. Hendrik Vande Perre (HOL) Viola Kaukomen (GER)
2. Alaistair Hopper (CAN) Maryjane Gajisan (PHL)
3. Dave Barnes (GBR) Rina Violeta (PHL)
All Photos: Alexandru Baranescu                                                     [from]

May 7, 2013

James Boulding - Change

A Beautiful slow motion video from Maui

Sam Light - Part 2

Some more action of Sam Light riding in South Africa. Sam shreds the park and masters the waves, which he says is the future of Freestyle.

May 6, 2013


Wakestyle kiteboarding in an awesome park. Some action worth watching.

Kelvin Corniel @ Cabarete

Kelvin Corniel have been kiteboarding for 12 years now and he’s a proud to say he’s a professional kiteboarder. Here is a film he shot at his home spot in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.


May 2, 2013

FORWARD - Chapter 2 - Focus

In the second chapter of FORWARD, Youri Zoon is back on on track and shows the local kinds in Cape Town that kiteboarding is fun. Even with the title in his pocket, he is still searching for new possibilities to defend his world title. These new tactics bring great opportunities, but sometimes even bigger risks. Youri has to decide: is this the time to take a leap into something new? Is he willing to open himself to a new way of kiteboarding to push his riding to a higher level?

Andre Phillip out of Cabrinha

After 11 years riding for Cabrinha, Andre Phillip will ride for Tona and Slingshot. 
   The Tona Pop and the Slingshot RPM will be Dre’s 2013 weapons.
Andre Phillip

Alexander Lewis-Hughes : Tarifa 2013 - Slinging the strings.