May 14, 2013

Camrig GoPro Mounts

"The GoPro revolutionized the way we see our sport. These little Pov devices are so portable that they allow us to film from virtually every possible angle. GoPro also released some mounts for the cameras, butCamrig went further and developed and commercialized special kitesurfing mounts.
We would like to present you the Line MountStrut Mount and GoPro Fin mount. We tested all 3 mounts with a GoPro HD camera.
Strut Mount
CAMRIG Strut Mount is fully adjustable Velcro based strut strap setup system. The mount has a universal camera housing, allowing you to fit most cameras sized: 112 x 65 x 25 millimeters.
It fits any kite with a strut area not sewn to the canopy. Best place to mount it would be the kite center strut to keep your kite balanced. Due to the adjustable padded strut strap system you can get multiple setup options. It’s a perfect mount to get helicopter style photos & videos.
Line Mount
This one is definitely our favorite. With a lightweight design, this mount has to be placed on the center lines. Just place it on any 4 or 5 line kite bar and you can start shooting great photos of you while you ride. You can adjust you camera vertically to get the best angle. We used it with the GoPro Floaty Backdoor but you can also utilize it with the GoPro leash to prevent camera loss. This mount only works when lines are stretched. When powerlines lose tension the camara may get tangled with direction lines, to us it happened a few times. This is not a big issue but you just need to pay attention and be aware of that. This mount lets you shoot or film yourself while training new tricks. Very useful when you want to find out what you can improve.
Learn how to setup the CAMRIG GoPro Line Mount for kiteboarding with a GoPro HD, or GoPro HD2.
GoPro Fin mount
The Camrig GoPro Fin mount is the best alternative to the expensive GoPro adhesive mounts. This mount prevents you from losing your GoPro camera. A real plague among fellow kitesurfers. This mount allows to adjust your camera only horizontally. You can check the video below to find out how to assemble it to your kiteboard.
Each one of the mounts has it pros and cons but its best to have them all!!!
Highly recommended!"
[from Kitemovement]