Jun 29, 2013

Can an AC72 point higher than a kite foiler?


Summer on northern hemisphere has officially started but Annelous Lammerts from Netherlands haven’t seen much of it yet on her homespot the Brouwersdam. Luckily the wind has been pretty good and you can see the proof here. Watch this short edit from her recent sessions.

The Cronix – The beginning of a new era

Over the last ten years, Flysurfer made a name for itself as an innovator for the bridled ram-air kite system (foilkite) and has become a force to be reckoned with – especially in the niche markets.
The addition of a leading edge inflatable kite to Flysurf products is probably a surprise to some, but the thought process behind it is rather simple: They want to push boundaries and evolve the best out of all systems! It has been almost two years since Flyssurfer made the decision to develop kites open to any system. So the Flysurfer Cronix born.
The Cronix – The beginning of a new era. Watch this video to find out everything about the kite.

Jun 28, 2013

Light Wind Solution

Who never thought of putting together all their kites to be able to go ride in no wind? Some people, more than others, follow through  on their ideas and that's how you end up with a 29 sq meter kite (7m+9m+12m):

Slingshot 2014 Teaser


A short sneak peek of what Slingshot will bring to us for the 2014 season.

Kitebeach Family Fun

Hawaiian spirit kitesufing video picturing two riders on Maui just cruising and having fun. Have a look at their boards, seems like loads of fun. We surely would like to try out one of them.

Jun 25, 2013

Ride With Me Ep01- WakeMania

Joao Stopani Wave Trip 2013

The Portuguese 2012 waves champion Joao Stopani ripping in south of Morocco filmed by Biostyles prod. Nice unhooked stlyle

How To Do: Blind Judge 3

The freestyle lesson of the day is once again brought to you by Dylan Van der Meij, flysurfer rider. This young men is starting to drastically change the opinion we had about foil kites!
Today, Dylan brings us back in the training lagoon of Cauipe for a classic, the Blind Judge 3.

Jun 22, 2013

Yotam Levy Blade 2013

A chilled out vibe in this edit featuring Yotam Levy throwing down some sunset freestyle action… Not too keen on the move thrown next to the passer by, lets hope it was his dad…

The Far East Tales Ep.4

This episode of The Far East Tales is called “Storm Chasing in Kingfisher”. It is a beautifully shot and edited piece picturing Keahi De Aboitiz, Daniel Steiner, Adrien Denis & Jason Wolcott during their trip to Kingfisher resort in Philippines.
Sick trip, massive swell and great kiteboarding. We definitely need more edits like that. Stay tuned for the next part of the series. 

Jun 21, 2013

Kiteboarding with a Quadcopter

Eat Sleep Kite

Interesting edit shot in Varadero, Cuba. Sylvain Lague spent her vacations there and apparently all she did was, sea, sleep and kite. Not bad, it seems really relaxing.

Jun 20, 2013

CORE RIOT XR3: The Crossride Kite

What most riders like nowadays in a kite is when it is all terrain. Even better if it allows you to go ride Jaws with ease, to land a double handle pass or to get over 100 knots in speed.
The new Core Riot might not promise you all of this, but their video presentation gives us the impression of a pretty nice kite!

Mauricio Pedreira: Chilly Colour 2

Mauricio Pedreira is very rock and roll in this second chapter of Chilly Colour. Aside from the music being a tad aggressive, the waves are still  there and Mauricio doesn't need his arm twisted to get on it!

Jun 19, 2013

Triple S 2013 Slicks: Aaron Hadlow's First Round Run

Aaron Hadlow is definitely back on the competitive circuit and we were very happy to see him win the Slicks part of the Triple S Invtiational: it was a well deserved prize.
Check out his first round run in the Slick event, and that should give you a good idea of why he won. Another hint: stop the video at 0:51 and take a look at the judges' faces.

Getting Addicted – Ocean Junkies – Part 2

ocean junkies

Second part of the series Ocean Junkies called “Getting Addicted” The spots that Drew and Rom visited this time were Safety Bay and Augusta. It was shot from December to February 2013. It makes you want to visit Australia.

Jun 18, 2013

Stars Shine Together

thumb_44482Each person is mutually dependent on each other, bringing positivity and balance in our lives. Watch Clash guys killing it.
Enjoy the ride.

France – Ireland kitesurf crossing teaser 2013

In July 2013 Bruno Sroka, kitesurfing world champion, adventurer and professional athlete will set himself a new challenge. After completing all his previous challenges he set the bar much higher this time. He wants to make an open sea kitesurf crossing from France to Ireland. It will take him 17 hours to cross the distance of 240 nautical miles or…. 444km from l’Aber Wrac’h, Brittany, France to arriving to the South Coast of Ireland. Stay tuned!

Jun 17, 2013

Tarifa Masters of Kiteboard

Tarifa is a hotbed for local talent, both on and off the beach, so you know a competition there is going to draw a crowd and also some of the best kiters on the planet! Aaron Hadlow, Alex Pastor and Youri Zoon were there to name but a few! Looks like Youri is back to his winning ways too!

Jun 16, 2013

Game of KITE – Bas Koole vs Alex Pastor

Game of KITE between Airush riders Bas Koole and Alex Pastor.

Jun 15, 2013

9 Tips For Doing a Strapless Duck Tack Transition

1. Bring your kite up high and edge hard upwind 
2. Pull on your back hand 
3. Position your stance further back than usual 
4. Push hard on your back foot and turn the board directly into the wind. 
5. You may need to sheet out your kite a bit 
6. Send your kite gently in the opposite direction 
7. Switch feet by shuffling, just like you would in a normal gybe 
8. Send your kite aggressively now and point the board downwind so you don’t sink into the water (looping the kite will force you to commit to the maneuver) 
HINT:  Nail down each step before moving onto the next.

Peter Lynn Escape 2013

This kite is getting a bit of attention at the moment, and rightly so, with a long and distinguished heritage the move to LEI kites by Peter Lynn has been closely watched by many. 
Escape your limitations! The next generation Escape is redesigned to provide you with perfect sessions and give you the confidence to bring your kiteboarding to the next level.
The Escape is hands down one of the most comfortable and easy to use kite for every rider out there. Its exceptionally good performance will also let expert riders get more out of their sessions and progress fast, the Escape is that versatile! Don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself!

LAT 43.42 / LON 5.17 HB Surfkite

Herve Boure on HBsurfkite
"We focus on style while this way seems impossible to them." HB

Jun 13, 2013

Make My Day Namibia by Jeremie Eloy

Few years ago, a wave has been found in Africa, a long very long hollow wave. Each and every shot i saw from this place drove me crazy. So i started to check how to get there, which wind could be good, which swell would work… Lost in the desert, The wave rolls directly from the roaring forties.  Sharks, seals, permits : A real challenge to get there, and to score. You need a specific forecast, and sometimes it won't happen.  I was dreaming of that wave every day. When i saw that swell coming i couldn't sleep anymore, plane ticket, guide, permit… 2 days later i was there. Like in my dreams i had the pleasure to play with it...

Strapless in Hatty by Reider Decker

The Airush rider Reider Decker in a footage from the past couple months in Hatteras, with a few shots from Baja thrown in. Riding the Airush Variel X and the 5'11 converse and the 5'6 compact.

Jun 12, 2013

Reo Stevens and Keahi de Aboitiz - Tunnel Visions

Tropical Storm Andrea Mega Loop Session

On 7th of June Chris Bobryk took to the water. The wind was gusting up to 90 kms. It was during Tropical Storm Andrea on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He took advantage of the wind to perform some fearless mega loops. Watch him ripping it!

Dynabar V7 Sliding Spreader Bar review by TKB

The only sliding spreader bar that allows you to use your full range of motion to attack waves like never before without having to unhook.$88 to $195, http://www.321kiteboarding.com (US importer) or http://jaystore.eu.
The Dynabar V7 Sliding Spreader Bar is a very unique piece of gear to add to your harness. It replaces your standard spreader bar with one that slides from side to side.
Our staff received two Dynabars to test that were installed onto DaKine and Mystic harnesses. The Dynabar was easy to install, but we had to give up the option of a quick release on the Mystic harness. Dynabar offers an optional webbing quick release you can purchase if you don’t want to thread the webbing each time you ride.
The Dynabar V7 with the ProWave Slider.
The Dynabar v7 is able to be configured in a number of different ways which took a little time to figure out as it came without useful instructions and there is little info online about the different setups. The US importer 321 Kiteboarding was very helpful in answering our questions about how to set up the Dynabar.
We tested the Dynabar in two different configurations, first with the metal ProWave slider and then rigged with a spectra slider. Our testers used the Dynabar in the surf for the test.
While riding, the Dynabar allows your harness hook to slide from one hip to the other as your body position changes. This feels strange at first, especially with the ProWave slider. The metal slider has small bends in it so the hook rests in specific places.
Both of our testers reported that it felt odd when the hook would slide from one position to another, but this is something that you probably get used to over time. When used with the spectra slider, the motion is much smoother and this was the preferred setup for both testers in the waves.
The Dynabar with the spectra slider.
Allowing your harness hook to slide from side to side opens up your range of motion and our testers were surprised how much of a difference it made to toeside riding. Because the kite is pulling from your hip, toeside riding feels much more natural as you don’t have to fight the kite to position your body correctly.
Our testers were also pleasantly surprised to find that the Dynabar made walking on the beach and body dragging easier by moving the kite’s pulling force to the side.
Our testers found walking and body dragging easier with the Dynabar.
During turns on the wave, you can feel the pull of the kite shift from side to side and it feels like this makes it easier to position your body in different ways while riding waves.
At first, the sensation of the kite’s pull moving from one side to the other caused a few stuffed bottom turns, but our testers quickly became used to it and began to enjoy the increased freedom it offers to your body positioning.


  • Try the different options available on the Dynabar. They make a big difference in how it feels.
  • Keep your hands clear of the slider when riding.
  • Give it some time as it might feel strange at first.


  • Makes toeside riding much easier.
  • Allows more range of motion while riding waves.
  • Makes body dragging back to your board easier.


  • Takes time to get used to and figure out the best setup for your riding style.
  • Adds a number of moving parts to your harness that must be checked for wear and maintained.

The Verdict:

Both our testers really liked using the Dynabar in the waves, especially after switching to the spectra slider. Our goofy-footed tester felt the Dynabar made it much easier to ride frontside without having to fight the kite. It does take some time to get used to, but the Dynabar definitely allows your body to move more freely when compared to a static spreader bar.


Jun 11, 2013

Newind Custom Boards and SplitBoards


In these tables you will never find no trace of the wooden structure is given by a core of high density foam reinforced by carbon fiber about 80%.

With these features, we realize ultra-high performance boards and lightness unique, customizable to 360 degrees.

Wake divisible - Splitboard 
In recent years, airlines have raised prices for the extra luggage.
Maximum lightness, practicality and durability, without compromising the legendary performance of the boards Newind.
You will not find in an ordinary shop, you who speak directly with the manufacturer Riccardo Fumini, saving the costs of various shopping arcades.
With this method, Newind has earned the trust practically all over the world, providing the "freedom to travel" a privilege understood fully only by holders of a splitboard Newind.
You can not compare this with any other product in the world.
As the meticulous workmanship to make a Katana, one splitboards Newind has a long process of building a completely handmade expert hand using the finest materials.
Made entirely by hand,
Made in Italy!

The Maui Episode - North Kiteboarding

Hawaii's diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, abundance of public beaches, oceanic surroundings, and active volcanoes make it a popular destination for tourists, biologists, and volcanologists alike. And of course Kitesurfers! Follow Hawaii locals Ken Winner, Sky Solbach and Patri McLaughlin on a kitetrip showing the best beaches and stunning scenery! Visit Hawaii and enjoy the summer feeling!!

Liam in Tarifa

Video of young rider Liam Whaley in Tarifa, Spain’s southernmost port, know for its lovely beach and consistent winds.

Jun 10, 2013

7 Trix

How insanely flat does the water look in this video? Stefan is riding on some kind of river or estuary and it looks crazy, definitely not a good place to crash your kite, it would be on top of you before you know it!

Jun 9, 2013

KTA China 2013 Wrap up Video

Triple-S 2013 Final results

After some amazing days of competition The Triple-S 2013 came to an end and the big winers are Sam Light and Colleen Carroll.
Triple-S 2013GERAL
1 – Sam Light
2 – Alex Fox
3 – Eric Rienstra
1 – Colleen Carroll
2 – Kriss Kinn
3 – Sensi Graves
1 – Sam Light
2 – Alex Fox
3 – Eric Rienstra
1 – Colleen Carroll
2 – Claire Lutz
3 – Sensi Graves
Triple-S 2013
1 – Aaron Hadlow
2 – Rick Jensen
3 – Ewan Jaspan
1 – Colleen Carroll
2 – Victoria Soloveykina
3 – Kriss Kinn
1 – Jason Slezak
2 – Mark Miedama
3 – Teddy Lyons
1 – Colleen Carroll
2 – Victoria Soloveykina
3 – Kriss Kinn
Triple-S 2013
Best Session: Brandon Scheid
Slick Style Award: Billy Parker
Best Wipeout: Laura ‘LuLu’ Vroman

Jun 8, 2013


Exceptional athlete Pedro Henrique on his trip to Dakhla in the Sahara desert. Great waves, friendly people, stunning landscapes and fantastic kitesurfing.

Jun 6, 2013

Papy Duarte in Mauritius

A moment with Aaron Hadlow

Aaron Hadlow made his come back, after a year of being seriously injured during the French stage of the PKRA in April. Have a look at this short interview with the 5 times world champion talking about his struggles.

Sardegna Kitesurf Paradise by Charlotte CONSORTI

Road-trip with my D-max through Sardinia, beginning in Porto Pollo in the Northeast and then on the west with the beautiful lagoon of Valledoria. Finishing with the south at Punta Trettu . Amazing sunset,green landscapes, Caribbean water, lagoon, pizza and tiramisu....and perfect spot for freestyle with  flat , flat and flat!! :) Nice waves spots also but that will be for next time! 

Jun 5, 2013

Jamie Barrow – Crossing Over


New Zealand rider, Jamie Barrow blurring the lines between kiteboarding and wakeboarding.

Jun 4, 2013

Slider Party 2013

It’s not all about the Triple S, here is the official video of the European equivalent, the Slider Party. The event took place in Le Barcarès, France, from May 13th till May 19th.
Official Results 
1 – Regis Stantina
2 – Ewan Jaspan
3 – Jojo Heurto
4 – Finn Behrens
5 equal – Alexandre Campet
5 equal – Tobias Hölter
1 – Ewan Jaspan
2 – Finn Behrens
3 – Regis Stantina
4 – Nico Etienne
5 – Seb Garat
1 – Ewan Jaspan
2 – Jojo Heurto
3 – Finn Behrens
4 – Samuel Sam le Denmat
5 – Sergi Sureda Comas

Jun 3, 2013

The Strapless Side - Sergey Mysovskiy

Once in a while, we discover riders who's name we hade never heard, and we have a good feeling that if they continue in the path they started, they have good chances to go far. It is the case with Sergey Mysovskiy, a Cabrinha rider from St Petersbourg, Russia. He traveled quite a bit around the globe, and came back the memory card filled with good images that he had the good idea to share with us. Keep an eye out for him on the KSP this year!

Jun 1, 2013

Łukasz Koński in Cabo Verde


Polish rider Łukasz Koński spent cold Polish winter in Cabo Verde. Watch him making the most of the wonderful Cabo Verdean weather.



Zuza Czaplinska is a professional freerider from Poland. Why freerider? Because the lifestyle of a freerider is very different from freestyle and competitions. It is based on traveling the world, discovering new cultures, new destinations, new riding conditions.
This video was shot in Tawila Island in Egypt, a place full of birds and crabs, with flat crystal-clear water. Zuza says “I must be crazy! I have the best job in the world and it doesn’t matter that others move forward faster!” Judging from the view she is definitely right. The message Zuza is sending to al of you is “You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone. You don’t have to compete if you don’t want to. If you discover what you love most and have enough courage to pursue it, you have already won. You are already Superhuman.”