Aug 20, 2013

2014 Airush Lithium Review

[by Oceanextremesports]
Now in it’s 5th generation the Airush Lithium is still gaining momentum as one of the best all around kites on the market. The Lithium features massive range and great boosting capabilities along with incredible low end power. The 2014 Airush Lithium keeps the spirit of the Lithium family alive by maintaining all the great characteristics of a legendary kite.
For 2014 Airush hasn’t changed a whole lot, there’s really no need to. The kite still maintains it’s status as the jack of all trades. The Lithium is a kite suited for any rider at any level. The swept delta shape offers incredible range, super easy relaunch, rock solid stability and now with its new canopy construction the kite feels tighter and more responsive than ever.
The main feature of the 2014 Airush Lithium is the revolutionary Aramid Load Frame Technology. Aramid fibers are strong synthetic fibers used in aerospace and military applications such as bulletproof vests. These are used in combination with a strategically placed frame to create Bullet Proof Construction and a super solid canopy resulting in a crisper, more responsive feel and much less stretching of the canopy. This does nothing but enhance performance of the kite.
-Initial Setup: The stock setting right out of the bag is stellar! The 2014 Lithium features a proven one pump system to get you out on the water fast.
-Speed: Fast but not too fast. This kite is incredibly predictable and user friendly.
-Bar pressure: Light to Medium. The 2014 Lithium has progressive bar pressure. As you sheet in you feel the kite through the bar more and more.
-Lift: The lift is just silly in these kites. It makes jumping easy and if you’re an experienced rider you will be pleasantly surprised.
-Bar/lines: Airush offers the ever popular adjustable Smart Bar and the fixed version called theAnalog Bar. Either bar will suffice and fly the kite without any adjustments.
-Depower: Way more than enough but most of all it’s a smooth and gradual transition. No quick on/off with this kite. Super user-friendly.
-Water relaunch: So easy, one of the easiest on the market. Just pull an outside line and go.
-Pros: It’s not often we praise a kite this much but we love pretty much everything about the 2014 Lithium. Whether you’re starting out fresh in the sport or you’ve been riding for years the Lithium never disappoints. From construction to performance the Lithium covers it all.
-Cons: Not really any cons to the Lithium. If you’re an edgier rider you may prefer the Varial X, which offers more power through the turn and better stability for unhooking.
-Conclusion: The 2014 Airush Lithium lives up to all expectations of being a great kite. Whether it’s freeride, freestyle, wave riding or it being your very first kite the Lithium excels in all departments. Get your hands on one and let us know what you think!