Aug 10, 2013

The New Kiteloose RAW

Here in KiteLoose we strongly believe  that evolution is only when it brings a real benefit that everyone can use easily, without technical difficulties. That's why our R&D spend all the energy every day to study innovations consistent, which serve to increase your fun and your action performance. RAW is the result of continuous innovation that we have brought into the kitesurfing world over 10 years. The result is expressed in only three words: RAW FLIES BETTER.

Auto Stable Reflex Profile
KiteLoose RAW has an output profile slightly concave. In this way, the kite tends to return to a stable position in a perfectly natural way, even after a strong gust or when you lose control during a maneuver, just when all other kites tend to advance too risking to overcome the flight window and become uncontrollable.
Kevlar Reinforced
Kevlar is a textile fiber invented by DuPont and is known for its strength and lightness that make it 5 times more resistant than steel.
For its characteristics of resistance, Kevlar, is used to build body armor, components for aircraft and more recently for the sails of the competition sailboat.
Unlike many other kites, we used the Kevlar to protect all those parts subject to abrasion:
- To protect the canopy, above the Struts
- The terminals of the Leading Edge and the terminals of the Struts
- On all parts subject to friction when the kite is on the ground
Dacron Structural Frame
We observed the airflow and the forces and tensions in place during a session of kiteboarding. Then we have analyzed with the software and we created the better Dacron structure to keep the right shape of the airfoil, but no more the necessary, to keep the kite lighter.
Neutral Bridles Geometry
The bridles are designed to have the best compromise between stability and simplicity. This means the kite have a neutral behavior and full control in every situation, even under gust.
All bridles attachment point on Leading Edge and Kite are reinforced and engineered to last.
The result: a full energy kite easy to use as you never tried
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