Sep 30, 2013

Nobile 2014 products video

The Nobile Team rocking 2014 collection in Greece. New website now online.

Lightwind in Copenhagen

thumb_47348Travel through the beautiful waters of Copenhagen, Denmark, with Cabrinha riders Lasse Guldager and Stephan Jensen. Enjoy the ride!

Sep 29, 2013

300 Windy Days a Year – Welcome to Cabarete

Pretty excited to see this video from Wainman Hawaii, we’re all booked up to spend some time in the original kiteboarding Mecca this winter! Can’t wait!
This particular video was made to show what we have to offer in Cabarete, no gimmicks or hype. From Wainman Hawaii state of the art gear, to some fun climbing on a tree for a pic after an intense kite session in a pristine local surfing beach. We have riders come from everywhere in the world and at least give the Rabbit Gang salute with the v sign in the back of our heads while riding. Also our local riders are known and considered legends or ambassadors of Cabarete around the world. Since we have 300 days of wind a year, the skill level of our local kiters is considered very high. We have Luciano Gonzalez and Kelvin Corniel currently riding our beautiful Rabbit 2.0 series. We also have Wainman riders Simon Gill from Canada and Dylan Shewfelt from Mexico come here to visit often and for long periods of time.
Wainman Hawaii Rabbit Gang Cabarete

Sep 28, 2013

Freestyle Team - Summer 2013

thumb_47286Zeeko team riders look like they had great times this summer. This short video shows all the fun in some freestyle sessions!
Riders & filmers: Tim Berlioz, Yo Rozycki, Alex Beaumont, Olivier Rouxel, Clotaire Morin and Marion Moreno

Americas Cup LTD- Ian Alldredge -James Ropner- Zach Goepel- Patrick Rebstock

Bear Karry ©PDieckman
James Ropner ©Patrick Rebstock
Zach Goepel ©LTD Americas cup...Bear Karry, Ian Alldredge, James Ropner, and Zach Goepel cut a couple loose.

Sep 27, 2013

BIP: Curry County Creek Kiting

Reed and Josh Brady shredding the waters of Floras Creek. Oregon Coast Film Festival.

Mitu Monteiro ripping on the 2014 F-One Pro Model

Mitu introduced the Pro model :

Sep 26, 2013

The Dune

thumb_47236Check out Filipe Ribeiro’s “lost” footage with loads of fun in a great flat water spot. Enjoy the riding of this Portuguese kitesurfer!

Sep 25, 2013

The Race Board

Brian Kender talks light wind, course racing, and the need for speed, while singing the praises of riding a race board. This edit alone might make you want to try one.

The Renewal part 2

thumb_47162Are you ready for more action? Here is the second part of “The Renewal” featuring Johnno Scholte and Ben Bowd. If you liked part 1, you’ll not be disappointed by this one. 

Siren Collection by Cabrinha

thumb_47208Here is the Siren Women’s Collection by Cabrinha, developed alongside Susi Mai to inspire women to follow their own path and to express themselves while on the water.

Free Your Feet

In this second episode of Ride With Me you can witness good summer times of strapless kitesurfing. Enjoy all the action shot in Brittany, a perfect location with its flatspots and small kickers. 

2014 Naish Torch

Here is a sneak peek of the 2014 Naish Torch performance, a choice for dedicated freestyle and unhooked wave riders.
Weight was reduced on the 2014 Torch by implementing reduced diameter struts, which increases the low-end power and improves handling. Power is delivered smoothly on the Torch, while the depower is similar to that of a bridled kite due to its ability to fly fast through the air.

Sep 24, 2013

Bear Karry in Puerto Rico

Quick little vid with Bear Karry's rotations in Ventura's county, Californi

PLAN B – Johnno Scholte & Ben Bowd

It is always good to have a plan B and be creative. Watch Johnno Scholte and Ben Bowd shredding in this mad video.

There’s Only One Eye.

F-ONE riders Mitu Monteiro, Raphael Salles  and Micka Fernandez ride an outstanding and impressive swell in Mauritius, reminding us that One Eye is truly like nothing else.

Sep 23, 2013

Randy's kitecam pov

Anatomy of a kitemare : the Firewire rider Randy Leavitt had  a "spaghetti party" experience  somewhere in Mexico during a big swell day.

After this happy end, have a look on how long is this wave on that secret spot :

Patrick Rebstock in Scotland

Patrick Rebstock in North Uist, Hebredian Island Scotland.

2014 Liquid Force Envy

Liquid Force is back with the Envy for the fifth year in a row. With its 3 struts design, the Envy is made to be fast turning, super stable, with a smooth power response  and to have a good downwind drift.

Riding in Samoa

Watch this short clip showing some kiteboarding in New Zealand and Samoa. Despite not the best weather, it is always fun to pick up the board and go riding!

Aurel Amar in NC

Nice edit of Aurel Amar enjoying his local spot in Nouméa, New Caledonia. A perfect day of kitesurfing till dawn at the Meridien beach. 

Sep 22, 2013

Mirns Sep. 2013

It looks like in Mirns everybody is always ready for action. Check out this nice video from a windy day in one of the most famous spots in Holland. Enjoy!

Sep 21, 2013

Horroe session in Australia

Local Summer by Teddy Lyons

Every year the Jersey Shore gets pounded with tourists, making kite and surf sessions crowded and sometimes dangerous. After labor day all the "shoobies" vanish, allowing the locals to enjoy the beaches and ocean for a couple months before the cold winter hits. Here is some Gopro footage from a flat post labor day session with some shots from my trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Sep 20, 2013

FreeRide Project 2 - 'From Russia with Love'

Rolling with the boys again, this time we head to Russia for the Rail Masters Gibb contest. The biggest kiteboarding rail contest in the world! We kicked off 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa, then we hit Cape Hatteras North Carolina for the Triple-S Surf, Slicks and Sliders contest... This time its into the un-known in Russia.

I met up with the boys at the airport (Hadlow, Light, Boulding, Court) the UKcrew and we headed off to check this new spot. Check out this section pre-view from the event and a week of filming beforehand. True to form we where as unorganised as ever but got the job is the pre-view! FULL MOVIE COMING SOON...

The FRP2 Movie will span the globe following the UKcrew riders Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Sam Light and James Boulding. We will hit some different countries, new locations and ride with the local crew's wherever we go...expect to see some action from more riders in this movie!! Releasing year end 2013 by Ripslix productions (Tom Court), in association with Steez productions (James Boulding)

Quality Time

After the Kiteboarding World Championships held in Spain last July, Vera Klabbers, one of Mutiny’s International team rider, went to Portugal to train. Check out her clip from that trip, ripping in some of the best Portuguese spots.

“Splinter” – Matt Elsasser ride a Alaia

Kitesurfing with alaia, why not? This summer Matt Elsasser made one for himself and went to try it on the water. He definitely had some fun and was even able to do a lot of good tricks with that board. 

Sep 19, 2013

Roll the Dice – The Episode

What happens when two of the best freestyle riders and two of the best wave riders of the world meet in Mauritius to try a completely new kite concept, the Dice? Watch it yourself as a friendly competition ensues between the riders, who will fly it first, who will perform the best! Follow Tom Court, Airton Cozzolino, Tom Herbert, and Matchu Lopez on an unordinary trip, to find out who the Dice fits best. Can there be a winner!?

Francisco Lufinha beats the World record

Francisco, 30 year old kiteboarder from Portugal had arrived tonight to Lagos, after 27h40 spent kitesurfing. He wanted to do it for a few years now but only few months ago he began to think seriously about the challenge. When he found out that kitesurfing along Portuguese coast without stops would get him the World Record title for longest distance kitesurfing he gained the motivation and began to prepare.
There was a lot of things to think about; sponsors, kite, board, boat, car, press, places of arrival and departure, marine police, meteorology but with the help of his friends and dedicated team he managed to get everything going. Francisco could focus on training, he trained really hard, he event spent 24 hours on the top of the board in the swimming pool to find out how his body reacted to spending such a long time on foot.
lufinha 1
At 14:30 on the 17th of September Francisco departures from the Douro Marina. Goal number 1, breaking the world record happens near Sines after kitesurfing 200 nautical miles. Goal number 2, reach Lagos, 100 nautical miles further, after more than 24 hours kitesurfing.
Francisco was always accompanied by a support boat and support from his family and friends. By 4 am he reaches Lisbon, here is where is where things get complicated, the wind slows down. Fortunately just before Sines it picks up and after sailing from 200 nautical miles Francisco Lufinha becomes World Record Holder.
Now, after reaching the first goal he focuses on the second, reaching Lagos, without any stops.
Finally after almost 28 hours on the water he reaches the Marina of Lagos greeted by fans, press, friends and the dream becomes reality.
Congratulations Francisco!

Sep 18, 2013

Jesse Richman is 2013 AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year

The Naish rider Jesse Richman is the 2013 AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year. Congrats Mr Pink hair! If unseen watch the clip directed by Olivier Sautet.

Foil Boards and Downwind Riding

Last week, we asked you what you wanted to know about kiteboarding. This week we have your answers! Cabrinha team rider, Damien LeRoy, gives us the scoop on foil boards, light wind and downwind riding.

You’ve been riding a foil a lot lately. How hard is it?
Well the truth is I have been riding a foil a lot lately because I have not seen wind in Florida more than 12mph in weeks! The foil is ideal for light winds, making it possible to ride almost everyday. Yes, it is tricky to ride at first. It usually takes people a good hour or two (of the biggest beating you’ve ever had!) to learn.  Then, after you figure out not to move on the thing, it’ll click and it’s all fun from there.
What are the ideal conditions for a foil board?I, personally, think 12 knots is ideal for the foil. For sure, non-wavy conditions help when you first start on the foil. The kite flies well in 12 mph, you’ll have plenty of power, and the ocean will be flat because the wind is so light!  It is perfection. Longer lines, like 27 meter to 30 meter long, really help too when you first start.
What is the best technique for riding downwind for long distances?This is a very good question! The trick to riding downwind for long distance would be to get yourself a bigger board like a slalom board or a directional surf board or even a foil!  A twin tip is harder. As you get tired on the downwind leg, you will start tripping over the nose of the twin tip.  The other boards have a higher nose making it easy to plane and keep your speed up. As for the kite, you want to dive it down and ride toward it to get the most pull deep down wind. Then, as the kite is getting close to the water you start edging against it making it turn fast as you bring the kite back up and then back down. Repeating this process, you will go as deep into the window as possible with the fastest speed — while covering the most distance — straight downwind.

When would someone choose to use a foil over a twin tip or race board?All the time! A foil board is the fastest thing around a race course hands down. Foils will take over everything.  When it gets really windy, and you’re still racing slalom, you might still be on a slalom board or bigger course board, but eventually a course racing foil will dominate in all conditions.  There’s no question in my mind that a foil is the future of light wind riding and racing. Distance racing as well… you name it.Is a foil board something realistically within reach of an average kiteboarder?For sure! Everyone can learn to ride a foil.  You must respect it when you start, and the trick is not to be overpowered on your kite. Always keep your body in-line with the strut or shaft below you, and never bend at the waist. Line extensions at 27 to 30 meters will really help too.

Hannah Whiteley ‘Human to Hero’ on CNN Int.

Earlier this year in July, Hannah was on ‘Human to Hero’ a sports feature program on CNN International. Hannah is the first kitesurfer to be featured on the program.
The feature also went online on the front page of on both the US and International site. She had 1.5 million hits on the US homepage and 76k on International homepage after just 12 hours. For the full story go to HERE 

The Flat Land

Amazing summer trip to Greece. Flat water, wind, fun....

Kite Waatamu 2013: East Coast Kenya

Here's a video that smells like adventures, travel and something new. A group of intrepid riders went to discover the emerald colored spots on the magnificent Kenya coast. A lot of lifestyle, a bit of action... we don't need much more to want to jump in a plane!

Sep 17, 2013

The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada breaks Guiness World Record

Sir Richard Branson doesn't do things half way. If he goes kitesurfing with friends, might as well invite 318 of them and break a world record! The event took place in Hampshire, England and was not only to set a World Record but also to raise money for charities like Snow-Camp, the RNLI and Virgin Unite.  

MINI Kitesurf Odyssey

The challenge is to Kitesurf the Portuguese west coast from Porto to Lagos, using the wind from North to South, day and night and without stops for around 290 nautical miles (±540 Kms) on a Kitesurf board.
Francisco Lufinha a 30 year-old Portuguese young man will also try to beat a world record, which is “The longest kitesurfing journey without stops”, currently set at 199.63 nautical miles (369.71 km).
The Odyssey will be attempted from one morning, probably the 19th of September 2013, because it will be a full moon night, which will be a precious help while kitesurfing at night in the middle of the ocean. The journey will last till the next day’s afternoon, including an entire night kitesurfing with the moonlight and hopefully a night breeze as well, that enables to progress along the night. There won’t be any stops in land and the kitesurfer will eat, drink and stay awake the entire journey (24 to 30 hours) while speeding through the water at an average estimated speed of 12 to 15 knots (22 to 28 Km/h).
The estimated 24 hours of continuous kitesurfing will be extreme for Francisco’s body and mind, two essential pieces of the puzzle that cannot collapse. Francisco is being prepared by specialists in training, physiotherapy and nutrition, in order to maximize his chances of success when subject to 24 hours of strong body activity in a row. Lets hope the nature helps him succeed in this challenge.

Sep 16, 2013

THE HOLIDAY by Tom Court

tom courtThis is another fun kitesurf edit by Tom Court starring the famous Kite Launcher. In 2013 Tom has been doing a lot of events, competitions and kite trips all over the world. On the trip to Kos Island in Greece he did some testing of the new North Kiteboarding DICE kite. The testing of Dice went alongside with tests of 2014 Gambler that Tom has been developing with the North designers.
Watch and find out how it would be if the Kite Launcher wouldn’t be fully booked and was able to help Tom Court during this trip.

Sep 15, 2013

Milla and Filippe Ferreira Kitesurfing with Nextel

Milla and Filippe Ferreira riding at K08, Barra de Tijuca Brazil.

Axis Kiteboarding in El Medano

Watch Axis team riders Bastien Bollard and Ewan Hill rippin’ in El Medano, Tenerife, where kitesurfing has become the most popular water sport. Watch them in action with the two models of Axis boards on a good and windy afternoon!

Sep 14, 2013

2014 Ozone Reo

The Reo is a very unique kite in our line up, designed specifically for wave riding with true surfing at it's heart. Since first introducing the Reo we have had nothing other than positive feedback and it has become the iconic surf kite.
Behind the scenes we have been continually developing this model looking to improve it's overall performance for wave riding. We believe in freedom on the wave to take us closer to a true surfing experience. To achieve this we have to combine many aspects of kite design to develop a kite that has huge depower, smooth fast direct handling, float when slack lined and perfect drift for down the line and onshore riding.
The modifications to the new Reo have allowed us to improve stability and float, whilst maintaining controlled depower capabilities, this allows the rider to depower to the point where surfing is closer to reality rather than being powered along a wave. The root chord has been slightly increased delivering consistent power to get around sections in the wave, whilst easily floating down the line when need be. With fast direct handling and improved low end the Reo allows the rider to maximise power in onshore conditions when the wave can 'push' downwind.
Hooked or un-hooked the Reo performs to any given task in the waves. For unhooked riding simply trim in slightly with the de-power cleat and the Reo will sit and fly perfectly, floating with the rider making it easier to line up that next section.
Another key aspect when building a kite specific for wave riding is the strength to weight ratio. As with all our kites we use top of the line materials and combined with our very own factory quality is second to none. The Reo is designed tough without the need of unnecessary cosmetic items which only add weight and drag which reduces performance.
New sizes complete the Reo line up offering more selection for those critical rider preferences. Power to size ratios have been refined and we now have more power per size. For example a rider enjoying the original 8m would now feel similarly powered on the new 7m. Be sure to take a test ride on the new Reo, here at Ozone we think all will be stoked with the performance and capabilities allowing you to push your wave riding to the next level.
More at

Alex Pastor: Nose Grab S Mobe 540

Just check this one out: Nose Grab S Mobe 5. Nothing less. Did I hear 2013 World Champion? Yep. I might have heard it.

To the moon

thumb_46684“To the moon” is about having fun, in the water, while kitesurfing and wakeboarding... at night, in cool parties. Watch this short video from pro rider Claire Lutz if you wanna see some good times of her California trip!

Sep 12, 2013

A New Season

bestProfessional kiteboarder Pedro Henrique never stops training. Whenever it gets windy he’s on the water despite the fact that summer is not the best season for waves. Watch Pedro during his training session in recent months.
big airs
“Who needs a storyline when you have beach babes and huge airs?” Watch the video and find out if the authors of this video are right about their storyline.

Red Bull King Of The Air 2013

A 26 minute film about the origin, and the rebirth of the biggest and most prestigious Kiteboarding event in the world: the Red Bull King Of The Air.

Chasing Rainbows

Three riders, including Cabrinha team rider Melissa Gil, roam the islands of Hawaii and Ireland chasing rainbows…and surf. This edit will leave you coveting waves and wanting to wander.

Sep 11, 2013

Pacasmayo Trip 2013 part 2 by Maurício Pedreira

“Pacasmayo is BUENAZO!” says Maurício Pedreira. It looks like he is having a swell time in his trip to Pacasmayo, Peru. An amazing spot with one of the longest lefts to kite and surf in the world. 

After a good morning SUP session, he picked his kite and got some good waves in this amazing spot in Peru. Watch this second video from this trip!

Sep 10, 2013

Spirit of Overcoming

This short edit called “The Spirit of Overcoming” is of a Spanish rider Fran Guerrero Velasco training at one of the best kitesurf beaches in Portugal called Praia de Alvor.
Strong and steady winds and flat water are a perfect combination of conditions perfect for freestyle training. Watch this edit and find out something about this Spanish ktiesurfer and the Portuguese spot he visited.

Sep 9, 2013

@ the Office – Leonardo Loro

Double back roll festival at Leonardo Loro's office  - Wanda beach, Oz. The Axis and Ozone rider is filmed by Steve McCormack.

Energia – Ines Correia

The portuguese RRD rider, Ines Correia shredding her homespot Guincho, Portugal. 


Here is Elliot Drury’s latest video kitesurfing in the pristine waters of Whitehaven Beach, Queensland. Watch this short edit shot during winter time in Australia.