Sep 19, 2013

Francisco Lufinha beats the World record

Francisco, 30 year old kiteboarder from Portugal had arrived tonight to Lagos, after 27h40 spent kitesurfing. He wanted to do it for a few years now but only few months ago he began to think seriously about the challenge. When he found out that kitesurfing along Portuguese coast without stops would get him the World Record title for longest distance kitesurfing he gained the motivation and began to prepare.
There was a lot of things to think about; sponsors, kite, board, boat, car, press, places of arrival and departure, marine police, meteorology but with the help of his friends and dedicated team he managed to get everything going. Francisco could focus on training, he trained really hard, he event spent 24 hours on the top of the board in the swimming pool to find out how his body reacted to spending such a long time on foot.
lufinha 1
At 14:30 on the 17th of September Francisco departures from the Douro Marina. Goal number 1, breaking the world record happens near Sines after kitesurfing 200 nautical miles. Goal number 2, reach Lagos, 100 nautical miles further, after more than 24 hours kitesurfing.
Francisco was always accompanied by a support boat and support from his family and friends. By 4 am he reaches Lisbon, here is where is where things get complicated, the wind slows down. Fortunately just before Sines it picks up and after sailing from 200 nautical miles Francisco Lufinha becomes World Record Holder.
Now, after reaching the first goal he focuses on the second, reaching Lagos, without any stops.
Finally after almost 28 hours on the water he reaches the Marina of Lagos greeted by fans, press, friends and the dream becomes reality.
Congratulations Francisco!