Sep 17, 2013

MINI Kitesurf Odyssey

The challenge is to Kitesurf the Portuguese west coast from Porto to Lagos, using the wind from North to South, day and night and without stops for around 290 nautical miles (±540 Kms) on a Kitesurf board.
Francisco Lufinha a 30 year-old Portuguese young man will also try to beat a world record, which is “The longest kitesurfing journey without stops”, currently set at 199.63 nautical miles (369.71 km).
The Odyssey will be attempted from one morning, probably the 19th of September 2013, because it will be a full moon night, which will be a precious help while kitesurfing at night in the middle of the ocean. The journey will last till the next day’s afternoon, including an entire night kitesurfing with the moonlight and hopefully a night breeze as well, that enables to progress along the night. There won’t be any stops in land and the kitesurfer will eat, drink and stay awake the entire journey (24 to 30 hours) while speeding through the water at an average estimated speed of 12 to 15 knots (22 to 28 Km/h).
The estimated 24 hours of continuous kitesurfing will be extreme for Francisco’s body and mind, two essential pieces of the puzzle that cannot collapse. Francisco is being prepared by specialists in training, physiotherapy and nutrition, in order to maximize his chances of success when subject to 24 hours of strong body activity in a row. Lets hope the nature helps him succeed in this challenge.