Oct 31, 2013

KSP finds title sponsor in Cabrinha

header_maui_carbrinhaksp 2

The KSP announced this week that Cabrinha Kites will be the official title sponsor for the 2013 World Championship event at Ho’okipa Beach Park, Maui. The Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro Maui will take place from November 22 to December 1, boasting a stellar list of world class riders who will battle it out to claim the coveted kite surfing World Championship Title.
Pete Cabrinha of Cabrinha Kites notes, “We are extremely proud to host a World Championship Title event here at Hookipa, Maui. Maui is the birthplace of the Cabrinha brand and Hookipa is an iconic spot in the world of wind and surf sports. This will be the premier kitesurfing event of the year.“
Nicholas Thiede, KSP Tour Manager states: “We are excited to have Cabrinha so deeply involved in the event and are grateful for their support. The Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro will be a true spectacle and we are very much looking forward to the breathtaking action.”
The Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro will hold a Qualification Round to determine who will join the world’s best in the World Championship event, the World Championship event itself, a Legends Heat with some of kiteboardings true heroes, the Xensr Big Air Invitational, and the Kama’aina Throw down for Maui residents.
Riders interested in competing in the Qualification Round or the Kama’aina Throw Down must sign up online or at Adventure Sports Maui
For further info and to pre-register visit the KSP website.

Oct 30, 2013

Alex Neto in Sicily

Alex Neto and I decided to stay in Sicily Italy for a while after the PKRA event this summer to shoot before heading to Germany.

Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2013

Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2013 at the Spot in Zandvoort, october 27. Featuring 16 of most extreme kiteboarders of the Netherlands.

Common Illnesses that Affect Water Sport Enthusiasts

Some of the world’s oceans, lakes, rivers, and beaches can be quite dirty due to pollution, water contamination, and litter and debris. Within the last five years, 18,000 beaches within the U.S. were closed because of pollution, and, in 2009, there were 18,682 days of closures and notices as a result of water contamination at beaches throughout the United States. As surfers and lovers of the water, we spend a significant amount of time in the water and on the beaches, exposing us to a number of viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can carry a range of diseases.
Common Illnesses that Affect Water Sport Enthusiasts
Swimmers and surfers are often affected by skin, eye, ear, feet, and respiratory problems while partaking in water sports. From large scale illnesses like Staph infections to miner annoyances such as swimmer’s ear,those who enjoy playing in the water can catch many different diseases. While you sh
ouldn’t jump out of the water and end your fun at sea just yet, you should still be cautious when you venture out. Make sure you choose your surfing spot carefully, picking an area where the sand and water undergo regular analysis by sanitary officials. In addition, read up on the most common diseases you can contract at the beach or in the ocean before you get in the water.
Common Illnesses that Affect Water Sport Enthusiasts


Many beaches are polluted with blood and syringes and the improper disposal of red and hazardous wastes spread a variety of diseases. Hepatitis is major problem for water sport participants. Although not much can be done to prevent the unsuitable disposal of needles or the spread of Hepatitis through our beaches and waters, you can still avoid catching this disease. Make sure that you find out as much information about the area where you plan to play before you go, paying close attention to details surrounding drug abuse in the area.

Enteric Bacteria

Transmitted by storm water and sewage run-off, enteric bacteria are created when beaches become contaminated with fecal pollution known as enterococci. Once in your system, this bacterium contaminates the intestinal tracts and causes gastroenteritis, which can have life threatening consequences. Again, protect yourself by investigating the area before you head out.

Legionnaire’s Disease

This respiratory illness grows is a form of pneumonia that grows in warm waters. Swimmers contract it by inhaling mist or vapor contaminated with the bacteria. Symptoms include a high fever, muscle aches, and coughing.

Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

Typically known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is one of the most frequently spread eye infections and is normally contracted in water. Contact lens wearers especially must be vigilant when spending time at the beach or in the water. Before you head to the shore, learn how you can protect your eyes from pink eye and other eye conditions at Acuvue.

Swimmer’s Ear (Otitis Externa)

This is an infection that is quite common among active water athletes during the summer and in humid environments. Swimmer’s ear affects the external auditory ear canal and is the result of the skin’s inability to act as a barrier in the canal. Although it’s irritating, swimmer’s ear can easily be remedied with over-the-counter medications. To prevent swimmer’s ear, invest in a pair of Mack’s AquaBlock ear plugs to wear while you’re in the water.

Oct 26, 2013

Fastest Sailor in the World! Rob Douglas "interview"

An in depth look at what it took to break the outright world speed sailing record! 
Rob Douglas is currently the fastest sailor in the world. The training, his world record run and more...

PKRA Pingtan - Double Eliminations

Oct 25, 2013

Arnone Project - The unusual project of Arnone, french kitesurfer, photographer and graphic designer.

Freelance graphic designer Arnone had the habit of creating small drawings directly inspired by his sessions then he was posting on social networks. Very quickly the kiteboard community  joined his illustrations, kite brands have even asked him to make their graphics for their t -shirts, boards. His entourage motivated him  to created his own brand of clothes... but the idea did not appeal. Arnone did not want to ride on the (commercial) succes of kitesurfing and stay only with a  business relationship with the rest of the tribe: "I am among those who think that the main goal of any business can not be limited to make money, I really want to live an adventure with the community of kiteboarders and this is how the idea of selling t -shirts for finance the combi van of my dreams came to me."

Directly inspired by its sessions, Arnone offers through his creations a humorous and trendy kitesurfing vision. "Perfect Ride", "I Trust In Eole", "Wind, waves, Kite, just a perfect day" illustrate the values of the kite community.
Once reached its goal and van purchased, Arnone want to go exploring kite spots in Europe with his truck and meet the rest of the tribe.

Follow this adventure directly from his blog ! And grab a t-shirt here: http://arnone-project.com/home

Pastor wins the World title, Tack and Gisela win Pingtan event

An incredible day of kitesurfing took place today at the Pingtan Kiteboarding World Cup in China. Alex pastor from Spain won the 2013 PKRA freestyle world title, Christophe tack and Gisela Pulido won the Pingtan, China event and Reno Romeu set a Guinness world record. The conditions were extreme with 20 knots of wind and a solid 3 to 4 meter hurricane swell. The competition started with the double elimination where Aaron Hadlow won 6 consecutive heats, defeating in the new world champion and eventually losing to Christophe tack in the final. Gisela Pulido defended her second-place finish and then went on to defeat Karolina Winkowska twice to win the event and take a commanding lead in the points rankings for 2013.
PKRA China 2013
“After three years of trying to win the title and working so hard, it is great to win and it will be something that I will remember the rest of my life. To win when the level is this high with so many top riders like Youri, Aaron, Marc, Liam, Christophe and more is incredible. I can now start preparing for next year”-Alex Pastor
The freestyle conditions were absolutely perfect again with a solid breeze and kickers for the competitors to hit, everyone could ride to their full potential. Ariel Corniel and Reno Romeu took advantage of the double elimination to advance a few places. The clear winner was Aaron Hadlow who came back from his fifth place finish all the way to second defeating Pastor, Whaley, Jacobs, Rondina, Romeu and Borisov along the way. He eventually went on to lose to Christophe Tack who was still on fire, landing again the big flat seven and blind judge five. Aaron Hadlow landed a spectacular slim seven against Liam Whaley who also landed a flat seven and blind judge fives this was the highest scoring heat of the day.
PKRA China 2013

“I’m very happy to win this event, the conditions were like Cape Town where I trained all winter and I was able to show all the tricks that I can do”- Christophe Tack
The conditions allowed the riders to show many different tricks du to the fact that there were so many kickers in the competition area. We have never seen so many perfect flat 7’s crow mobes, G-spots, blind pete, toe side 313 and more.
“I’m super happy to be on the podium, the conditions were really working to my style of riding. I’m happy to have one six consecutive heats but unfortunately was exhausted against tack in the final” -Aaron Hadlow
The two standouts in the women’s divisions were Annabel Van Westerop and Gisela Pulido, Annabel came back from last place after missing the single elimination all the way back to third by defeating Paula Novotna and then losing to Gisela. Gisela and Karolina kept their rivalry going by performing two incredible heats that were both very close. Pulido did just enough to beat Karolina twice to secure the win and take a 200 points lead in the overall rankings.
PKRA China 2013
“It is very intense to compete against Karolina and to defeat her twice, we both have a similar level and we have such close heats, I am so happy to have won today”-Gisela Pulido
Once the freestyle was finished it was up to Garat, Jaspan, Rodwald, Corniel and Romeu to try to set a Guinness world record for the most members of spinsin a jump. Reno Romeu from Brazil set the record with seven spins with all the officials present and the cameras rolling.
An absolute amazing day of kitesurfing took place today, it will probably be remembered as the highlight of the 2013 season. Congratulations again to Alex Pastor, Christophe Tack, Gisela Pulido and Reno Romeu for all their success and to all the competitors for putting on a great show and fierce competition.

Oct 22, 2013


Ian Alldredge and Patrick Rebstock in Sunghera beach break - Arabian Sea.

Oct 21, 2013

Terence Seaman strapless video

Check out Airush team rider Terence Seaman kite surfing up and down the California coast.

Oct 19, 2013

Francesca Bagnoli - Summer 2013

thumb_48358Here is an excerpt of Francesca Bagnoli’s summer. Watch this Italian freestyle pro rider having fun ripping with her friends in Lo Stagnone lagoon, a great place for kiting in Sicily.

Oct 17, 2013

How To Do: 317 by Chris Tack

Christopher Tack do perfect a 317!.

Oct 15, 2013

Kite Foil Boarding with Adam

Adam Withington along with Adam Koch Kiteboard Foiling in the Delta of San Francisco Bay getting ready for the California Championships which is going on now at the St. Francis Y.C.

Oct 12, 2013

Cabrinha TV - Controlled Chaos

Alby Rondina and James Boulding rocking Sardinie on the 2014 Cabrinha Chaos

Speed Bumps

Nice video from James Ropner’s kite summer trip to Oregon. It seems the wind was pumping there, even with a few bumps!

Oct 9, 2013

70 ft jump!

thumb_47957Have you seen Alex Arseneault’s kiteboarding jump 70 ft? What a big air session in Iles de la Madeleine in Canada. Don’t miss this high jump in 45 knots wind condition!

Couple of turns - Hawajski Fun by Rafal Maleszyk

Oct 8, 2013

Kiteskate by David Dopico

Some kiteskate session from this summer in Malaga.

Oct 7, 2013

Another Game of K.I.T.E.

How’s about another game of KITE?  The Airush team is at it again. Set Teixeira and Alex Pastor hit the world famous Cumbuco lagoon, and stand-off. Filmed and edited by Bas Koole.

Oct 5, 2013


thumb_47797Awesome video and great story of William Bourget, one of the KTA judges, who decided to live in a new lifestyle and to chase a balanced and happy life in a different place, in the Philippines.

Oct 3, 2013

Zian Nightkite Session

thumb_47544Kitesurf at night, what do you think? Watch this little teaser from Zian Nightkite movie.
Featuring Jesse Bruinsma, Martijn Roos, Maarten van Es, Ricardo Balkema, Sebastiaan van der Velden.

Oct 2, 2013

Game of KITE - Set Teixeira vs Alex Pastor

Game of KITE between Airush riders Set Teixeira and Alex Pastor. Located in the world famous Cumbuco lagoon, Alex and fellow team rider Set Teixeira go head to head!

Oct 1, 2013

Czech charger in Cape Town

As the summer ended in some parts of the globe, many riders are thinking on their winter training plan. So what better time to watch this short movie featuring Paula Novotna and remember her winter training in South Africa.