Oct 25, 2013

Arnone Project - The unusual project of Arnone, french kitesurfer, photographer and graphic designer.

Freelance graphic designer Arnone had the habit of creating small drawings directly inspired by his sessions then he was posting on social networks. Very quickly the kiteboard community  joined his illustrations, kite brands have even asked him to make their graphics for their t -shirts, boards. His entourage motivated him  to created his own brand of clothes... but the idea did not appeal. Arnone did not want to ride on the (commercial) succes of kitesurfing and stay only with a  business relationship with the rest of the tribe: "I am among those who think that the main goal of any business can not be limited to make money, I really want to live an adventure with the community of kiteboarders and this is how the idea of selling t -shirts for finance the combi van of my dreams came to me."

Directly inspired by its sessions, Arnone offers through his creations a humorous and trendy kitesurfing vision. "Perfect Ride", "I Trust In Eole", "Wind, waves, Kite, just a perfect day" illustrate the values of the kite community.
Once reached its goal and van purchased, Arnone want to go exploring kite spots in Europe with his truck and meet the rest of the tribe.

Follow this adventure directly from his blog ! And grab a t-shirt here: http://arnone-project.com/home