Nov 6, 2013

Help Save Maui Kite Beach: Sign the Petition!

Kiting, windsurfing, SUP’ing, outrigger paddling, kayaking, surfing and anything else that uses a “vessel” may soon be actively banned from launching or landing along a 3000 ft. section of Kanaha State Park (Kitebeach) also known as Ka’a Point in Maui. A vessel exclusion zone has been on the books for the last 25 years but has never been enforced, until perhaps now.
Largely due to the lobbying efforts of one parent, perhaps others disturbed about kiting activities in the Pro Point/fish pond area, this may come to pass. Recall the one disaffected windsurfer who managed to get kiting banned for two years off the North Shore and skegged Flash Austin. In short, this is a real threat.
This is serious and should be of concern to any waterperson who has or wants to visit Maui at sometime in the future. Use zones can be created and enforced, there is no need for a blanket prohibition. First you need to get government’s attention to take things to the point of starting negotiations hence this petition.
For now there is a petition campaign to be submitted to the Hawaiian State DIVISION OF BOATING AND OCEAN RECREATION (DOBOR) organized by Ocean Safety Alliance,
Titled: “State DOBOR Hawaii: Please protect ocean access at Kanaha Beach. Change the outdated rules to reflect the current use.”
It takes very little time to sign the petition, please help to keep this unique spot open to all these water interests now and into the future. Chris Levins of Adventure Sports Maui gave me a heads up on this, it is legitimate and a current threat to continued use of this area.

Thanks to Rick Iossi of for leading the charge to keep Maui Kite Beach open for all!