Jan 26, 2014

Aaron Hadlow with 2015 North Vegas prototypes

Aaron Hadlow was spotted at Langebaan, Cape Town, testing some prototypes of the 2015 North Vegas and North Dive.
Aaron Hadlow and the 2015 North Vegas
Aaron Hadlow and the 2015 North Vegas
north dice 2015
north vegas 2015
north vegas 2015

Jan 25, 2014

Pool grind!

thumb_52491Eric Rienstra and Craig Cunningham are back to the pool at Nitro City. And pool grind, is the trick of the month!

Jan 24, 2014

Horror Session: Kitesurfing Western Australia

Ben Wilson and his team share their worst moments from Western Australia.

Jan 22, 2014

Kiteloop Instructional by Elliot Drury

If you have any questions, please post them under the link on the Kitepower Australia Facebook page!

Jan 18, 2014

A minute with Travis Propst


Big kickers and a lot of fun!


Jan 17, 2014

Maui Dreams by Matt Elsasser

Cabrinha team rider Matt Elsasser enjoys a few winter days on the island of Maui-Hawaii. 

Jan 14, 2014

Skate and... The Bear

Alex Campet’s 2014 first video is as usual full of fun and imagination. Watch him kiteskating with his bear friend.

Carada on Strapless Island

Matchu Lopes and Airton Cozzolino getting the most out of perfect conditions for some strapless kitesurfing. And they are putting on an real show. Impressive riding in great conditions and in some beautiful surroundings.

Jan 3, 2014

Two kites ride!


For those of you who think that riding one kite is easy you can try your luck riding two kites at once. Watch this movie picturing this crazy stunt. And kids, don’t try this at home!

Jan 1, 2014

I believe I can Fly

After 3 years of development in Kitefoil workshops, testing on various bodies of water, validation during competition Taaroa’s SWORD has just hit the market. This is a short edit documenting kite and wakeboard sessions with use of SWORD. What a great new toy! It really looks like flying. Top-quality manufacturing that uses a rigorous selection of materials and manufacturing processes, including “high modulus” carbon fibers that provide optimal reliability and rigidity, and aluminium moulds that perfectly comply with profiles. Meticulous work by expert French craftsmen, specialists in sailing racing all this in one product.