Sep 29, 2014

The Epic Way Of Landing A Kite

Dimitri’ and ‘safe’ aren’t necessarily two words we associate strongly with each other. Crazy, extreme, fully lit, overpowered, kiteloop, freestyle are the words that spring immediately to mind. But hey, if he says it’s safe then it has to be worth a few minutes of your time to watch, surely? As usual he doesn’t disappoint.


Sep 20, 2014

Liquid Force ENVY 2015 video


The brand new Liquid Force ENVY 2015 is finally out in the open! Building on five years of refinement, the high-performance 2015 ENVY retains its user-friendly feel and do-it-all response, while delivering a variety of substantial enhancements. Check out the presentation video filmed in Squamish, Canada.

Best Cabo 2015 in action


Take a look at James Ropner’s sessions with his new 2015 Cabo. American Best team rider tells us why the brand new kite suits his riding style. 

Sep 14, 2014

G.U.N. Kitesurf Series: BACKROLL

"G.U.N. Kitesurf Series were made from all United Newbies to all United Newbies!"

Stay tuned...

Sam Medysky AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year

This video shows Sam Medysky, just awarded 2014 AWSI kiteboarder of the year.

Footage: Steven Borja Underexposed Television
Locations: Squamish, B.C and Hatteras, USA.
Special thanks to Best Kiteboarding, Dakine, Vitaly Design, Oneill and Real waterspouts.

Sep 10, 2014

PKRA Tarifa: men’s double elimination video and finals results

Double Elimination Results Men's Freestyle
1st Christophe Tack (BE)
2nd Liam Whaley (ES)
3rd Eudazio Da Silva (BR)
4th Youri Zoon (NL)

Double Elimination Results Women's Freestyle
1st Karolina Winkowska (PL)
2nd Bruno Kajiya (BR)
3rd Gisele Pulido (ES)
4th Annelous Lammerts (NL)

Sep 5, 2014

Liquid Force Foilboard

One of the biggest buzzes at the Surf Expo show on Day 1 was the new Liquid Force Foil that is set to retail for $1,595 complete with board! 
2015 Liquid Force Foilboard 

The shape is what Liquid Force figured out to be the best recreational and easy to learn on design that doesn't have the limiting factors of the earlier designs that were easy to use but wouldn't go fast, or fast designs didn't plane off at really low speeds. What Liquid Force decided on was a good all-around design. Everything packs into a small bag making it easy to travel with. The beauty of the system is you can also unbolt the foil and ride the Foilfish/Kitefish with thrusters like a regular surfboard. The new foil is built primarily from extruded Aluminum with the goal of keeping the costs down and making the replacement of parts easier. It's not carbon that explodes and has catastrophic failure and then you are into a new expensive carbon piece. If you break one part you can buy a new aluminum fuselage, new aluminum mast or a new plate. Carbon wings will also be available. Why foil? Team rider Jason Slezak describes the sensation of foiling to the feeling of riding bottomless powder all the time!

Sep 3, 2014

Bonus Track: AQUA (Only Girls Inside)

Welcome Away

“Welcome Away” was filmed and edit by Patrick Wieland and pictures Sam Light and Alex Fox back in Oregon on another wake-style onslaught like nothing you have ever see. 

Welcome Away is a true statement to the new kiteboarding culture. 
Here is what Sam and Patrick had to say about this video: “Repetition and competition from the same mold only results in carbon copies of pre-existing mantras. Flee distantly from the diluted future to an individual saturated self realization. Rover the outward scopes of the imagination and escape to an oasis of self fulfillment inches away from the nirvana of infinite fun.”

The future is bright and blinding, come join us on this odd, yet inspiring journey through the gorge and experience a different approach to what kiteboarding can be.

#70 seconds in Peru by Sebastian Ribeiro

#70 seconds in Peru is a short footage with only 70 seconds of action, going straight to the point with beautiful lefts on the northern coast Peru.

I believe I can Fly