Sep 5, 2014

Liquid Force Foilboard

One of the biggest buzzes at the Surf Expo show on Day 1 was the new Liquid Force Foil that is set to retail for $1,595 complete with board! 
2015 Liquid Force Foilboard 

The shape is what Liquid Force figured out to be the best recreational and easy to learn on design that doesn't have the limiting factors of the earlier designs that were easy to use but wouldn't go fast, or fast designs didn't plane off at really low speeds. What Liquid Force decided on was a good all-around design. Everything packs into a small bag making it easy to travel with. The beauty of the system is you can also unbolt the foil and ride the Foilfish/Kitefish with thrusters like a regular surfboard. The new foil is built primarily from extruded Aluminum with the goal of keeping the costs down and making the replacement of parts easier. It's not carbon that explodes and has catastrophic failure and then you are into a new expensive carbon piece. If you break one part you can buy a new aluminum fuselage, new aluminum mast or a new plate. Carbon wings will also be available. Why foil? Team rider Jason Slezak describes the sensation of foiling to the feeling of riding bottomless powder all the time!