Nov 27, 2014

"Te Tainui" Sharing the Ocean from F-One

Once again the F-ONE team went off to discover new landscapes and live an extraordinary adventure. RaphaĆ«l SALLES put on his captain's hat for the time of a far-off journey to meet his Tahitian team and experience the magic surrounding their idyllic islands. Accompanied by his faithful sidekicks as well as newcomers, they went on to board two catamarans for 25 days of pure happiness in another world. 
Tahiti is well and truly as you can imagine: wild, powerful, with the force of the ocean being ever-present and where sharing and wisdom are common values within a whole people.

BOIRA - Tarifa

Tarifa has always been recognized for its good winds and its extreme climate, which combine to make one of the best training spots out there. In this video we try and show you the traditional yet very touristic city where Jerome, Manu and Maxi grew up.

"BOIRA" is a word that the fisherman use to call the mist that forms when the Mediterranean sea meets the atlantic ocean, it's because of this mist that during the 9 days we had to film the wind didn't corporate and we had to look for an alternative spot.
[Sam Van Olmen]

"The Island" from Cabrinha Kites & Join James

What are our perceptions of paradise? Is it a place we will never experience due to the fear it only exists in our thoughts and dreams? Traveling the world to kiteboard you visit many beautiful destinations. A small island situated in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras just might be kiteboarding paradise.

Join James Boulding on a journey of discovery to a new kiteboarding destination.
[Cabrinha Kites on Vimeo]

Nov 24, 2014

Crash Section - Freeride Project 2

No pain, no gain. Here are just a few of the crashes that went into making the Freeride Project 2 as we rode and filmed in South Africa, Cape Hatteras and Russia.

[tom court]

Strapless Addiction Academy: Front Roll

Stefano Gentili, rider for RRD International and Francesco Maffei, rider for Cabrinha Kites Dakine and Nectar sunglasses, teaching you how to do front rolls in the eighth episode of Strapless Addiction Academy weekly tutorial series presented by Kitesoul Mag.

[S+ television]

Nov 20, 2014

2015 Airsuh Surf Series

Maui, the birth place of Airush Kiteboarding. Keith Baxter, the co-founder of Airush, reminisces of the start of kiteboarding while the 2015 Airush wave team show you what it is today while working with board designer Clinton Filen and kite designer Mark Pattison to develop the best gear for wave conditions. It is always great to return back to where it started!

Nov 18, 2014

Alden Simmer: Here and There

Naish Maui Team rider and BIP rider Alden Simmer kiting Maui over the Summer. Nice strapless session.

Nov 17, 2014

Youri Zoon coaching week in Uruau took a little trip to Brasil this September with pro rider Youri Zoon. 7 days of freestyle coaching action for a limited group of 7 people. With an amazing set up and Pro kite Brasil, we had an amazing stay in Uruau. Wind and sunshine everyday, lots of coaching, time on the water, and drinks and laughs in the evenings. An amazing trip not to be missed, join us on one of our 2015 coaching trips!

Nov 15, 2014


A kitesurfing compilation of oldscool, newscool, freestyle, wakestyle, wave riding, slides and megaloops. Edit by Camille Wijnen.

Nov 13, 2014

North Releases the 2015 Evo

One of the best all round freeride kites on the market. Tom Hebert used the evo at the Red Bull king of the air and boosted the biggest jump of the entire competition! The evo has a huge wind range, no matter which size you fly, the low end is exceptionally good and the 5-strut design keeps the kite stable in high winds too. The evo is the unsung hero of the north kiteboarding range, it is perfect for freeride, freestyle and waves; it will be perfect for you...

Nov 11, 2014

Tom KRIEGEL in "How are you in Brazil?"

Big Wave Crash

This is exactly the reason why we build the Best Cabo 'Surf Tough' and with an exceptional auto relaunch. Rider: Nuno Figueiredo