Apr 8, 2016

Untouched Territories

"When we started kiting in 2003, there were only a few of us riding. Since then, the sport has developed very quickly; it’s now known by the general public and its appeal keeps on growing. Riding virgin spots has become increasingly difficult. Discoveries tend to be chance encounters.

With this video series "Untouched Territories" we wish to embark you on a journey towards unusual landscapes and share the feelings we enjoy when kitesurfing. After 15 years of riding these sensations have remained intact. This first episode was shot in Vinalhaven, an island of the coast of Maine in the North East of the United States. We were brought there while shooting a documentary following the steps of the artist Robert Indiana, one of the pioneers of the Pop Art movement. You must probably know his LOVE sculptures, exhibited on the streets of the world’s largest cities. The shots of this episode are taken from a web documentary that will be released this year, in 2016.

Who are the AURIOL brothers?

Antoine was World Champion of the Kiteboard Pro World Tour (KPWT) in 2010. Since then, he stepped away from the competition world in order to dedicate himself fully to what matters most to him: living a free life. He develops projects around kitesurfing, travelling and fashion, which are broadcasted through the media and social media. His motive is simple: to discover the world, meet people and share his experiences. His freeriding videos follow the same philosophy by focusing on style and esthetics rather than raw performance. Antoine is also a host on the French TV program”la QuĂȘte de vents” (The quest of winds), a documentary series broadcasted on TV5 Monde, Ushuaia TV and distributed worldwide by Arte.

Thomas, his "little brother", is an Artist. He is a Fine-Arts graduate who paints every day and kites when the wind blows. He is also a videographer and together with Antoine they produce numerous projects in which they express their unique vision of kiteboarding."