Dec 15, 2017

29m boosting session

Watch Joshua Emanuel’s jumping.. very high!! 

“This was the day I broke the record some of the biggest jumps i have ever thrown in my life.” Said Joshua.

Nov 30, 2017

Sam Light extreme kiteloop POV

No word, just watch!

Nov 3, 2017

Indo Nutz

Leonardo Loro on fire during his trip to Indonesia. Don't miss this beautiful video if you love riding waves!

Oct 26, 2017

Swiss OriGIN

"Passion is what has been driving Gin Kiteboarding since the first day of its creation in 2007: passion for kitesurfing as well as for the different elements that can be found in Switzerland: Water, Snow, Wind, Mountains, … Nature and its incredible beauty! 

 Through this video, we wish to share our values and the passion that is inspiring us every day." 

Oct 20, 2017

MANERA - Stay Salty

"Salty is a feeling. 

It’s getting wild on the ocean, the sea spray all over our faces. It’s part of who you become when you’re out there, lost with friends. It’s the salt encrusted in us after a long day playing with the waves.

After shower the salt is gone, but the feeling stays there. Stay salty."

[from MANERA - Watermen Experience]

Oct 2, 2017

Eleveight Kiteboarding in Norway

A trip up and down the stunning west coast of Norway with Eleveight team riders Richard Newman and Bård Sondra. Bringing a mix of strapless freestyle and pure wave riding.

Sep 29, 2017

This was kitesurfing

No description, you have to see it!

[Edit by Robbynitroz]

Sep 26, 2017

Regenerated by Noè Font

"Welcome to the first chapter of the rest of my life in quintessential Brazil. THE END IS THE BEGINNING OF ALL GREAT THINGS. 
                                                                                                                     Noè Font"

Sep 22, 2017

Land of the Lost

TheFlowTheory videomaker traveled to Dakhla, Morocco, with Jop Heemskerk in Search of some epic waves and unknown secret freestyle spots. 

They found all of this and more. Morocco is special and a kitesurfers paradise.

Sep 20, 2017

One Thing Every Kiteboarder Should Know!

"Have you ever inverted your kite? Of course you have! Here is a quick tip that will help any and every kitesurfer untangle their lines and get back to kiteboarding! 
Jake Kelsick"

Sep 19, 2017

Kiter and Videographer going off

"This video is about an argument over.....well just watch! 
Dimitri Maramenides"

B Shots

"I decided to put together all the shots I haven't used in my latest videos. So here is "B Shots"! Jason Blanchard"

Sep 14, 2017


Kai's end of summer 2017 kitefoil fun on Maui. 
Watch the progress of this beautiful little girl on hydrofoil board.

Ready for a come back - Jalou 'S tories

"In this brand new episode, you'll see me getting ready for the GKA world cup in Mauritius. It's been quite a while since I last competed as there wasn't a proper wave event. But now there is an i'm more then excited to compete again, especially on One Eye, which is one of the TOP waves in the world if it comes to wave riding. Enjoy the action!" 
Jalou Langeree

Sep 7, 2017


We are proud to present “RUGGED POINT”, a remote adventure in one of the most beautiful place on earth. Spring Island, one square kilometer of wild forest on the rugged west coast of Canada. The MANERA athletes settled a small camp and lived there for seven days, looking for wind, waves & adventure. 

We ended up on Rugged Point Beach, untangling our Kite lines over bear tracks. One morning Etienne found his neoprene boots devoured by the wolves. We surfed with a whale... 

Even if the conditions are sometimes rough, changeable & unpredictable, we would not exchange our seats for a more classic destination. Cold weather, adventure & lack of comfort create lasting memories that only those who have experienced them can understand. 

Our mind still shivers at the memory of these sessions, Our hands are still shaking at the frozen memory of that water.
[from MANERA - Watermen Experience]

Kitesurfing Classic from 2003 about new school tricks

When many still rode without chicken loop and when new school tricks were actually new...

Introducing The Bubble Film

"This is the first fruit of an idea we had a little more than a year ago. We got together and decided to make a full length film. Like in the old days. Something people could relate to, with a bit more depth than your average clip. Something that would hopefully inspire others the same way the classics inspired us. Something people would watch more then once. And a year later, here we are. Today we release the first glimpse of what has become a creature of its own. Over the course of the year, the project evolved from a regular kiteboarding movie to a film with an elaborated story and a message to tell. Who? Where? Why? How? Whats The Bubble? Well, The Bubble is us, its ours. The Bubble is our friends, our enemies, the good and the bad. The sunny days, the clouds and the storms. The planes, the airports, taxi rides and delays. Its the comps, photoshoots, interviews and the fans. The new tricks the injuries and the crashes. The Bubble is everything, and nothing at all. 

The film isn’t going online (at least for now). We aren’t just gonna dump it on the internet like every other video, even better. First we’ll bring tour the film around the world. We thought it’d be a great idea to personally bring it to you. And for that we are having premieres in the locations listed below. And then we’ll send a free copy to anyone who wants one. Subscribe to our site here and be the first one to have it." 

Written and directed by Noe Font. Presented by North Kiteboarding. 
Starring: Aaron Hadlow, Craig Cunningham, Colleen Carroll, Stefan Spiessberger, Tom Court and Noe Font. 
Coming September 2017."

Sep 1, 2017

Strapless Hydrofoil Swiss Alps

Amazing scenery on lake Silvaplana. Where normaly 100-150 kiters share the lake, the hydrofoilers find peace and empty space on low wind days in late evening.

Kitesurfing Zanzibar - Luke McGillewie

Liquid Force Cape Town recently escaped the Cape Town winter and spent some time kitesurfing in Zanzibar with the awesome crew from Aquaholics.

Aug 29, 2017

Return to the roof of the world

"The Crathorne family's last journey along the Pamir highway, to the roof of the world. The 1000km journey from Dushanbe - once part of the historic silk route - took us along dirt roads through steep-sided mountain valleys, alongside raging rivers and over high mountain passes, including the Ak-Baitel pass at 4650m. 

The destination? The Roof of the World Regatta, an extraordinary event on a high altitude lake in a remote part of Tajikistan, home to the Karakul community. At almost 4000m altitude, the weather at the lake is notoriously fickle; icedover for eight months of the year the water is close to freezing, storms can appear suddenly with no notice and the area is liable to snow in the summer. 
This makes kiting conditions on the lake unpredictable and challenging but the ridiculously beautiful surroundings and the people of Karakul make this such a special event and I am hopeful for good conditions at the 2017 Regatta this summer."
                                                                                                                                                           Polly Crathorne

Aug 24, 2017

130km downwind

"I did the longest downwinder of my life this weekend, 130km of pain exhaustion but a lot of fun at the same time. We left Hoek van Holland at 07.45 and arrived in Den Helder at 17.30. We did this downwinder together with a 100 other kiters to raise money for the Dutch Heart foundation. We managed to raise €94.076,- It was awesome make sure to join us for next years event!" 


"After a Big polar AntiCyclone passed thru our coast, conditions got extreme for kitesurfing in the waves. Winds gusting 50 knots and a big swell , made rough conditions in the seas and most of the beaches where closing out. So we chased for an alternative spot , and we found in Praia do Porto (inside the Harbor of Imbituba/SC) the best spot to face such challenging conditions! 
Hope you enjoy the wild ride!"
Mauricio Pedreira

Aug 19, 2017

"Kites are a fantastic 'vehicle'" - Bruno Legaignoux interview

Read this beautiful interview by Surf Today at Bruno Legaignoux kitsurfing pioneer, I will not tell you more..

Kitesurfing in 1986: the Legaignoux brothers' third kite model had a double skin

"In 1984, two French brothers started a revolution in watersports. Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux "invented" kiteboarding from scratch.

In less than three decades, the young outdoor activity became one of the fastest growing sports in the world and made fierce enemies in the sailing world.
Despite the initial safety concerns, the industry found solutions for critical problems, and kiteboarding became an exciting, highly competitive, fast and near-Olympic sport.
Today, Bruno is 56. He lives in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, since January 2000. Bruno is enjoying life - working on a new kite, writing a book, traveling, and spending time with his family.
Legaignoux never speaks of legacy and is not a man anchored in the past. Probably because he still has a lot to give to kiteboarding or, as he prefers, to "kitesurfing."
Bruno Legaignoux: smile, you invented kiteboarding
"Kitesurf is more familiar to us, Frenchies. Consequently, this is the word I generally use. If the question is: "Should the kite community choose kitesurf or kiteboard?" then I have a small preference for kitesurf too," notes Bruno Legaignoux.
"'Board' is rather oriented, according to my understanding, to the youth and the hardcore practice, similar to skateboard, and snowboard. 'Surf' may have a broader meaning and has a very good image now. Anyway, if a name had to be chosen, it should be voted by the national associations of our sport."
We got the message, Bruno. But we want more. Let's do it:

How did you exactly come up with the idea of using a kite to glide across the water?
When we were teenagers, me and my brother Dominique were competitive dinghy sailors. A few years later, we also became surfers, bodyboarders, windsurfers and skippers of our own cruising boats. We had always been very interested in high-efficiency sailing technology.
We were trying to design a thick profile sail for boats and boards, but we didn't find a way to achieve our goal. One day, the word "kite" came in the talks, and we said: "Why not? Let's try it!"
Spring, 1984: testing the first C-Kite
Where did the inspiration come from, and when did you start doing the first experiments?
We had seen the famous "Jacob's Ladder" catamaran going fast upwind with a stack of Flexifoil kites, and we had seen the Birdsail, a kind of mini hang-glider that replaced the windsurf sail and that the inventor was using to navigate and jump high.
So, in early 1984, we decided to make a small, two-line kite to understand the theory of it. It flew well, and we immediately recognized the numerous advantages of the kite comparing to a sail.
Did you believe you had "something"? Did you think of its potential as a sport?
For sure. But we also knew that it would take some time. As sailors, we naturally wanted to use a kite that relaunches from water, but we had never seen such a thing, so we had to develop one. We had seen the windsurfer, and the hang-glider appear and become sports. Why couldn't a kite on a board become one too?
What were the original materials used in your first kite?
Well, the very first was a toy-sized kite made of polystyrene foam and light paper; the second one was made of glued vegetal fibers, a technic that is used to make plates. But it was too heavy.
The next ones were made of spinnaker fabric with homemade glass and carbon fiber frame. Each one was half a square meter, and we were stacking them.
Stacked kites, 1984: the Legaignoux brothers try riding seven kites with a control bar with winders
Did you have a business vision for the sport? How different was it comparing with the present day?
The plan was to develop a proof of concept, promote and propose it to brands until one of them paid to get an exclusive license for the patent we applied for in November 1984. With this money, we could purchase better cruising boats and make the world tour.
We thought that it would take a few years. Later we understood that it would be much more complicated and time-consuming. We never got a satisfying deal with a company to take an exclusive license, i.e., to take control of the patent and the sport but, in fact, it has been a good thing for us and the sport, I guess.
How do you see kiteboarding in the 21st century?
When you see the evolution of our sport and others around, you can't expect that it will expand indefinitely. There will always appear new offers. After some years practicing the same sport, people want something new. But kiteboarding will not disappear either.
It's a fantastic "vehicle" that will probably be impossible to overcome, in terms of efficiency, 3D dimension, packed size and cost. Brands have to take care and offer easy, user-friendly access and cheaper gear in order to conquer more enthusiasts. This is the way to keep it growing.
Dominique Legaignoux: the kitesurfing kit built in late 1984
Should kiteboarding be an Olympic sport?
There are pros and cons about that. It may help promote our sport. My concern is not about Olympics. My concern is with the sport, especially the competitive side. We need to develop an associative and serene path, and that is not the case right now.
What should be changed or improved in kiteboarding?
It's a wide question. We can talk about gear, promotion, and teaching. Everything can be improved, and I don't see a big weak point in particular nowadays.
The kitesurfing kit in late 1984: small, light and portable
How many classes/divisions should kiteboarding have? Do you think there's space for freestyle, waves, speed, racing, big air, and slalom categories?
Why not? Everybody is free to live kitesurfing the way he/she prefers. It just shows that kitesurfing is not one sport, but a group of sports. Look at running, which is quite popular - the sprint, the middle and long distances, the hurdles, the road running, the relay, the cross country, the mountain running and the ultra-running categories coexist, and each one has several formats. Diversity is good.
Is foiling the future of kiteboarding?
Foiling is growing fast and will continue to do so. It is very efficient. It gives the pilot much more ability to explore places. It is a challenge even for a good kitesurfer to learn kite foiling, so it helps to keep his/her motivation high.
For me, foiling is not just racing around three buoys with a ram air kite - there is much more to do with a foil. It is so efficient that ram air kites are only useful in very light wind and competitions.
Do you miss being in the industry as a game-changer?
No. I made this choice when I thought that the sport could develop safely and steadily. It is doing very well, except for the governance and competition, where the industry should not be directly involved.
Early 1985: the first kitesurfing test in the ocean
Should kiteboarding have its own governing body, separated from World Sailing, and similar to surfing's ISA?
Yes. This is and will be my point of view as long as our sport is managed the way it is by the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and World Sailing. In the 2015/2016, there were almost no competitions for this reason.
Do you think you and your brother get enough credit for what you've done for the sport?
To be honest, we don't mind much about credit. If we did, we would have made more personal promotional efforts. Our lives have been very exciting and interesting. We have made some good money - even if the shortfall is big due to infringers - so we are quite happy with what we did, with the thousands of lives we have helped to change.
Bruno Legaignoux: the inventor of kiteboarding lives in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
In your opinion, is kiteboarding a safe sport today?
Yes, definitely. When I go kitesurfing, I really don't feel myself in danger. Obviously, some people take more risks, ride in much stronger winds than me, and don't respect the rules. Like in any activity, there are risks involved. I feel I take more risks with other activities that I practice like motorbiking in the streets, mountain biking, and paragliding.
What can be done to improve the technical/gear side of kiteboarding?
Now that equipment is safe, and there are highly efficient kites for those who need them, I would say that we miss a cheaper and more user-friendly type of kite. I'm working on one but at a retired guy's rhythm.
In parallel, I'm writing a book about the history of kitesurfing as we lived it, my brother and I. Some water sports legends are contributing too. It should be of interest to those who like this article."

Aug 18, 2017

Breaking the Kitespeed World Record with Alex Caizergues

World Sport goes kiteboarding with the holder of the Kitespeed World Record, Alex Caizergues. Alex holds the record for kiteboarding, but is looking to reclaim the overall title for wind propelled vessels, including boats, windsurfers and other kiteboarders. 
 [from Gillette World Sport]

Aug 8, 2017


A kitefoil compilation of race, freestyle, wave riding and high jumps with the best riders. Edited by Horue Movie.

Aug 7, 2017

The Great Barrier Reef Kitesurfing Mission

"I live on Australia's Sunshine Coast and just north is the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve been fishing these reefs for years and every now and then I see some waves and wind with potential. Plus I heard a few stories that got me excited so I planned a trip to check it out. I always try to keep my expectations realistic but this place is amazing and I knew with the right wind and waves it could be a new frontier right in my own backyard. Finally, after months of waiting everything came together and we spent a few days up there. The kitesurfing was epic but the journey there and back was what made the trip for me." 
Ben Wilson

Jul 22, 2017

Namotu kite week

A small clip from BWS Namotu kite week in July filmed by a drone; simply fantastic! Images of Stu Gibson.

Jul 21, 2017

What is Wakestyle?

"In this clip I catch up with Craig Cunningham to talk about wakestyle kiteboarding, why it is at the cutting edge of kiteboarding and why we use it to develop equipment, tune performance and ride at the top of the game.

As wakestyle is the smallest side of the kite market you may wonder why its so often in the focus of the sport. Well Craig explains in this quick clip from Cape Hatteras"
Tom Court

Jul 20, 2017

You Won’t Believe!!!

Nice video where Alexander Lewis shows us funny tricks in pure wakeskate style. Have fun!

Jul 18, 2017


Look at the progress of little KaiKai, a young Hawaiian girl with passion for the hydrofoil :)

Jul 17, 2017

One Sesh

One minute edit from a session shoot by Gabriele Rumbolo when i was in Cap verde earlier this year. Ismail Adarzane.

Jul 15, 2017

Drifting Indonesia

Keahi De Aboitiz, Moona Whyte and Matt Elsasser take on the unpredictable winds in Indonesia and tear it up on their kiteboards. 

                                                                                                                                       [from Outside TV]

Jul 14, 2017

When you cross a big whale...

Surely I do not envy Andrei, the 36 year old guy living in California and last June 18th this happened to him:

Jul 10, 2017

Summer in Hungary

As usually June is very windy in Hungary. We were super lucky this year. At the end of June we could kitesurf 5 days out of 6. We visited all the big lakes (Neusidler See, Velence, Balaton). Awesome sunny session at the Adrenaline Endorphin Home Spot @ Fonyód (Balaton). Jumping over reeds at Sukoró (Velence).

                                                                                                                                    [from Adrenaline & Endorphin]

How To Do: Inverted Frontroll Tailgrab

Want to master this gem of old school kiteboarding? Alby Rondina will show you how to do it in 6 easy steps.

Jul 6, 2017

1 Man 2 Bars 2 Kites

"This video is a tribute from Mayabari team to Luis Brito from Cabo Verde. Luis today delivered an amazing show at the GKA in Tarifa! 
Amazing kites controll with 2 kites and 2 bars, big jumps and great show !!! 
He left everybody astonished! Thank you Luis for confirming us that everething is possible!" 
                                                                                              [from Mayabari Kitesurfing School & Spiritual Awakening]

Jul 4, 2017

Fuerte Winter

Florian Scharscher has decided to move to Fuerteventura. Now we understand why! 

Enjoy this short movie that sums up its winter spent in the Spanish island.

Jun 30, 2017

Crazy acts in kitesurfing

Crazy acts in kite surfing; people without fear are at risk.
Stay tuned for more crazy kitesurfing actions!

Ballet with hydrofoil in Maui

A week of kite hydrofoil fun in Maui. Freedom and style at the highest levels. Do not miss it! 

Jun 22, 2017

Vincent Tiger in "Homeland"

Nice slow motion footage with Vincent Tiger. 
Picturing a fun strapless session at home! 

Flight into the Arctic Ocean

Nikolai Rakhmatov, a multiple champion of Russia in snowkiting. 
On April 24th he made an incredible jump with kite and snowboard from the rock mountain right into the Arctic ocean.

No one ever did anything like this!   
[from KiteClassFilm]

May 30, 2017

Felix Pivec in Oahu with the Wipika 6.5 (1996 kite)

Here's a little bit of true kitesurfing story by Felix Pivec in person:

"Fun times going back in time ripping down a few waves with the Wipika 6.5 
For those who don't know it was one of the first inflatable kites for kitesurfing (96)
I can guarantee 95% of kiters today would get completely smashed . Kites and safety have come a long way in this time.
Is that good or bad?
If you ever get a chance to ride a Wipika try go get a wave"

[from Felix Istagram profile]

May 29, 2017

Capetown mixup Jerrie van de Kop

Some mixed vids about Jerrie training in Capetown.. Power & style actions.
Watch and enjoy!

May 24, 2017

Old Is Cool - Waveriding on a 1996 Wipika

"Watch TOP HAT , REO STEVENS and FELIX PIVEC ride the very first original Wipika Classic from 1996 on Oahu's North Shore.
Two lines a hand pump no depower and some waves and wind . 
How easy was it?"

Felix Pivec

May 19, 2017

Interview with Top Hat, emblematic kitesurf rider

Here's an interview a few years ago at "Top Hat", a Hawaiian rider who influenced a lot of wave riders (me too). I do not add anything, take 5 minutes and read it.

" : Hi Kevin, many thanks for accepting this interview on You are an emblematic rider in kitesurfing, not only because you're in kitesurfing for a long time but also because your are quite an off-the-margins rider (not to mention that you are wearing a top hat). Can you tell us when you entered kitesurfing? How did you come to kitesurfing or maybe how did kitesurfing come to you? What is your home spot?

Top Hat:: My life has always revolved around the water and the endless possibilities it offers. , I began surfing in 1966 on the Island of Oahu. While surfing I was often disappointed when the wind would pick up turning perfect surf into chop. I wanted to be in the water all the time so I learned this new sport called windsurfing in the 1970’s. Surfing in the morning, & Sailing in the afternoon was the perfect combination for fun. In During the 90’s I mastered my waterman skills on Oahu’s North Shore. Surfing, Windsurfing, Tow Surfing dominated my life. I even bought a surf shop “HAWAII SURF & SAIL” to support my good habits. Windsurfing the wave at “Backyards” really took a toll on my gear so I started sewing and open a sail loft to repair all the locals destroyed sails. Some of those local sailors turned out to be pretty famous watermen. Buzzy Kerbox, Laird Hamilton, Rush Randle, and Derek Donner. 

One day in the late 90’s I ran into Derek Donner on the beach at backyards. He had a Flexifoil RAM Air kite that Laird wanted him to try to fly. Apparently Laird had not done so well with flying the kite. Derek told me this as we hot launched the kite. And there went Derek crash boom. He was over it and let me have a go. I will never forget that first hot launch. My feet trenched a 50-foot trail in the sand, Kite straight to neutral, and I knew this was the next level of extreme fun for me. I bought a Flexifoil Kite the Next week.

FZ: In a short sequence from the KSP 2012 in Hawaii, I have seen that you are still using a pulley bar with no depower. I remember that you started using this system some years ago together with other riders such as Felix Pivec (now one of the founder of Switch Kites). These riders have now moved on to more "standard" settings and you are still on a pulley bar in waves. Could you explain us this choice? 

TH: Yes , it is true. I am one of the only people in the world that prefers a Fixed Pulley Bar for kite surfing. Coming from a 2-line foil kite background I have always enjoyed the direct feeling with incredibly low bar pressure a Pulley bar offers. When surfing a wave with a kite I feel it is very important to have a direct yet controllable connection with your gear while still having freedom of movement. The Pulley bar allows me that connection. Controlling the kite, one arm, one hand, is no problem. When riding unhooked this ability to single handedly control the kite combined with traditional surfing technique results in a magical smooth ride where rider and kite coexist in harmony. You can see this technique in action by looking at various media of my riding. 

Although my friend Felix Pivec does not use a pulley bar he achieves a similar style of kite control using a set up I made for him called a “Fricken Loop “. A Fricken Loop Bar is a permanently Fixed Chicken Loop Bar with no depower where a ring under the bar acts as a safety depower in case of emergencies. Both The Pulley Bar and the Fricken loop Bar are full time fixed with no on the fly depower capabilities. However both Pulley & Fricken Bars do have an adjustable power strap allowing fine-tuning for the sessions conditions. Basically any kite bar can be easily converted into a Fricken Loop or Pulley Bar set up. 

FZ: As for the kites, back in the days, a lot of riders in waves were using the famous Airush Generators, often in very small sizes. What are you flying nowadays in combination with your pulley bar? What are the flying characteristics that you are looking for in a kite
dedicated to wave riding?

TH: I have always found that almost any kite will fly on one of my Pulley Bars. It is just some kites fly better than others in the surf. If you tend to fly your kite with one hand unhooked on the wave you are going to need a very responsive controllable kite that sits in the correct position for the type of wave riding you choose to do. The kite really needs to become a direct extension of your body & your body’s movements. Controlling subtle changes in body, board & kite while flowing together in unison with the wave is what I seek to achieve For this reason I always really enjoyed the combination of C kite and a fixed bar. The Airush” Reactors & Generators “ worked great with a fixed Pulley Bar setup. The lack of de-power or just having full power all the time allowed a few of us to ride smaller kites in the surf where maneuverability & precise control was so important. Those C kites worked sweet. 

As time passed I somehow ended up riding some kites from a guy named EH. It was the complete opposite to the C Kite. Eric H made the flattest kites I had ever seen. They were bridled kites and the question of whether my pulley bar would work on a bridled kite was quickly answered on my first test ride. The combo of the flat kite & the Pulley Bar worked incredibly well. I guess EH quit making kites but I was thankful that he turned me on to those sweet flat kites that reminded me of flying a foil kite back when I first began kite surfing. I still use them. My translator “Mr. Brunno” recently rode one of my old Ripper 9 “Warning Local” Kites in the in the KSP Maui event. 

Lately I have been flying a combination of Switch Kites (Which I buy off the website) in both the C shape “Combat “with carbon battens & a bridled “Method” Kite. I have 2 sizes of kites, 5m & 7m that I ride in winds from 7-36 knots. For pure wave riding I now prefer the “Combat” C kite which is basically a highly evolved version of the “Generator “C Kite & for Small or no surf days I find the Bridled Method kite to be very fun on the Pulley. Bar I am always looking to try my Pulley Bar on any Kite.

FZ: Did you ever try to fly foil kites in waves? At, we think that a foilkite with constant power and speed would be a good companion for nomad free surfers who mostly paddle surf a bit too windy (or want to catch more waves and do some training)? Let's fly out a kite.

TH: I started day one riding Foil kites in the Surf. Of course we had no access to inflatable kites until the Wipika’s showed up in the Islands. Even when the Wipikas were available a few of us stuck to our 2-line Flexifoils. Most of my fellow kiters would cut off their brake bridle lines, as they had no use for them on the 2-line bar setup. I preferred to keep my brake lines attached and utilize them for power adjustments. I loved the simplicity of the foil kite but I do not miss the swim in or the repairs. In large surf you had to rescue yourself and your kite or you both sink forever. Swimming in with those was quit a chore. But sort out those lines, a quick hot launch, and your out in the water again. The few things I really do miss about the Foil kites is the steady power, hang time and the little space that they can pack into for travel. To this date I have not yet tried a 4-line Foil kite in the surf but I am looking forward to trying anything. 

FZ: On, there are discussions about using board with volume or without volume in waves. In the KSP in Hawaii, you appear to ride a fishy swallow tie strapless board whereas in your video "Pull some Wood" you are riding a alaia type of wooden "plank". It would be interesting to have your take on the volume/no volume issue. In
addition, could you give us the characteristics of board that you really like to ride right now? (again some photos would be great!)

TH: The main characteristic I look for in a board is COST. In the Maui KSP event I rode Bryan Lake’s old 5’8” Tokoro Fish he left in my backyard. I’m a budget-oriented person so I usually ride other people’s old boards or buy a board that is reasonably priced with these characteristics in mind, durability, volume, and performance. I have found that anything can be ridden with a kite & everything you ride with a kite will eventually break. 

I like to mix it up in the surf so I ride every thing from planks of wood to high performance surfboards. Depending on the conditions you ride the volume of your board of choice can really affect your level of fun I have a belief that if you do choose to ride a surfboard it should be adequately sized so you can actually use it as a surfboard, not just a board for kiting. This is one reason I prefer a traditional surfboard as opposed to a kite specific surfboard. Not to mention the strap inserts on kite specific surfboards add weight & ruin a boards flex characteristics. The true benefit of a properly sized surfboard is the ability to paddle. No wind, no problem, just paddle. Many days when the wind just does not blow or the wind dies when your miles from your launch spot being able to paddle your surfboard can make your day fun. 

To challenge myself volume wise I do love riding Skim boards and alaia boards but more wind is required & they do not paddle so well. With wind riding a plank in the surf can super rewarding and really helps you to understand the need to control your speed in the surf. Lately I have been riding fish shaped twin fins & regular thruster surfboards which to improve the performance I pull the center fins out and ride as a twin set up. You sure can tell if your thruster is a stud or a dud by pulling that fin out. Without the center fin you end up relying on the boards rail outline & rocker for control on the wave. If you have a good shape you will have a good ride. 

FZ: In many instances, surfing with a kite seems to be all about turns (and "spraying") --I suspect that this taste has been influenced back in the day when reading paper magazines with only still shots was the main source of inspiration for surfers. In a short sequence of the KSP, some FZ members have noticed that your style is all about flow. Could you tell us a bit more about what you are trying to achieve when you surf a wave with a kite?

TH: Funny that your readers noticed & I would like to Thank Them. Yes I am all about the Flow. The wave, the wind, the kite, the board, the rider all working together in a fluid ballet connecting the elements of nature. Coming from a pure surf background I have developed a sense which allows me to read the wave and position my riding for an optimal flow down the line connecting series of top & bottom turns in critical positions in the surf. Unfortunately this style of riding has been greatly overlooked by the media in our sport. It is all about editing. People imitate the media they have contact with. In magazines you never know what lead up to or what happened after that magical shot was taken. In Kite videos strangely it is the same. Most videos are a series of edited one hits or a stand there barrel ride. I hope in the future videos show how the rider rode the entire wave. Basically anyone that can do a half jibe can smack the lip. Now connecting those top & bottom half jibes into a flow down the line is a bit more challenging. It’s true setting up for a couple of big hits is the standard for today’s riders. However it is really rewarding if you can slow down, read the wave, and achieve a proper flow down the line while laying out some sick bottom turns and executing some stylish lip bashing with an occasional aerial. Having the ability to control my kite one-handed and unhooked allows me to mimic the exact body position I use while surfing. Instead of the kite leading me down the line I choose to slow down surf the wave with the board and flow the kite to complement my intended movements on the wave. I actually just have Fun…

See You In The Water
Aloha, Ride Safe, Have Fun

FZ: Many thanks Kevin for this interview."


May 5, 2017

Kiteboarding is Awesome 2017 #3

The best videos of Kiteboarding from 2017 so far. Thanks to the kitesurfers out there, you're all awesome!!! 

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Big day at Oneye Le Morne

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Apr 6, 2017

Silly kitefoil fun on Maui

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