Sep 7, 2017


We are proud to present “RUGGED POINT”, a remote adventure in one of the most beautiful place on earth. Spring Island, one square kilometer of wild forest on the rugged west coast of Canada. The MANERA athletes settled a small camp and lived there for seven days, looking for wind, waves & adventure. 

We ended up on Rugged Point Beach, untangling our Kite lines over bear tracks. One morning Etienne found his neoprene boots devoured by the wolves. We surfed with a whale... 

Even if the conditions are sometimes rough, changeable & unpredictable, we would not exchange our seats for a more classic destination. Cold weather, adventure & lack of comfort create lasting memories that only those who have experienced them can understand. 

Our mind still shivers at the memory of these sessions, Our hands are still shaking at the frozen memory of that water.
[from MANERA - Watermen Experience]