May 22, 2018

Charging Up

"Ask yourself this question. And be sure to answer honestly. 
What do you get charged up from? What gives you energy? 

Think about it positively. Maybe the question should be: What brings out the best in you? If you can't be honest with yourself when you're answering these questions, you won't be honest with anyone else. Does the world around you give you energy? Or take it away? What gives me energy? 
A combination of things that have changed a bit over time. 

I call the main ones the 3 Fs: Family. Food. Friends. Swiftly following is the Ocean where I live with all it generously provides me with: Surfing. Kitesurfing. Spearfishing. Helping to grow organic food is almost as important as the air. Your body is hungry and grateful for both. Cherish every moment and live as if it is your last. Choose to take positives out of every situation (there are always some) and hold on to them and watch them grow. 

I am so grateful to lives where I do and have the support of my family and friends. Without them, it wouldn't be worth it. 
Ryan Coote