Nov 28, 2018

Dimitri King of the Air

This video is about well know pro kiteboarder and owner of Epickites Dimitri Maramenides having an epic time showing the kids what kiteboarding is all about during his 50th birthday. A fantastic combination of very powerful and old style maneuvers, a unique and harmonious style.. happy birthday Dimitri!

Nov 22, 2018

PEI - A Kiteboarding Discovery Film

"This film is about kiteboarding discovery. Lucas Arsenault, Canadian freestyle champion has lived on PEI (Prince Edward Island) his entire life. Perfecting his trade throughout the years at his local spots it wasn't until he was joined by Cabrinha's youngest team riders that he unlocked the full potential of an island rich with kiteboarding possibility."
Cabrinha Kitesurfing

Nov 19, 2018

Jambo Mambo Africa

This summer Paula Novotná gave herself a nice trip to Africa. Exploring Kenya and Zanzibar has found fantastic places, friendly and smiling people and spots of all kinds: days of freestyle, foiling and waveriding are not lacking surrounded by a sea to lose your breath..

Nov 17, 2018

High Society

The words of the editor of the video describe well what we will see..
"Big Air kitesurfing is another means to express ourselves. Probably the most scared and alive you'll feel at once, but that's called being alive!"
[from TheFlowTheory]

Nov 15, 2018

Cosmic Cruisers

"Danny and Elias share a few things in common. They both like kiting and they both like to travel. Over the years Danny and Elias have come to the realization that no matter how many flights they catch, or how many roadtrips they embark on, they can’t seem to free themselves from the age old curse of the light wind scam.

This trip was different. The boys are prepared this time round, packing only their most efficient kites and lightwind rides, they travelled west from their respective home countries to link up with Kyle to embark on the Cosmic Cruize along the Atlantic coastline at the edge of the world."
[from Airush Kiteboarding]

Nov 13, 2018

Keahi at Cloudbreak in the Fiji

The Keahi De Aboitiz phenomenon shows us one of its many strapless releases. This time we are at Fiji islands: style and perfection make it impeccable surfing..
[from Noir Matter]

Nov 12, 2018

Hover handstand

A new style seems to be spreading in the world of kitesurfing: the freestyle with the hydrofoil board! Watched rioford (this is the name of who posted the video on Youtube) what he invented...

Nov 10, 2018

Format and Equipment Proposal for Paris 2024

"The proposed registered series production equipment scheme is fully supported by sailors, the industry and the wider kiteboarding community over a one-design solution and reflects the IOC “urban sports” vision with variety of equipment similar to what is common in snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. Equipment will be “frozen” per Olympic cycle to ensure confidence and reliability in equipment investment while ensuring controlled evolution from one Olympic cycle to the next."
[from kiteclasses]

Nov 9, 2018

3 things you can do after a flying foot switch

The young rider Kainani teaches us the 3 things you can do after a flying foot switch on a hydrofoil.

Nov 6, 2018

Summer in Hood River - Annelous Lammerts

The beautiful Annelous Lammerts, rider Cabrinha, has a lot of fun this summer in the Hood river park. This clip represents a typical day of the young athlete.
[from Cabrinha Kitesurfing]

Nov 4, 2018

Fred Hope: Summer of Foil

Fred Hope shipped out to University this fall, rumor has it he has been foiling to class. He was on the water everyday this summer, here are the highlights..
[Slingshot Kites]