Sep 16, 2019

Sessions - The Double Edged Sword

Kyle Cabano has fun with his new gear along the coast of Cape Town .. Good healthy freestyle with high quality shots.
[from AirushKiteboarding]

Sep 15, 2019

Cape Town is Calling

Discovering Cape Town and the surrounding area with the Flysurfer freestyle team riders. A road trip with beautiful scenery and pure wakestyle! Have fun..

Sep 14, 2019

Sebastian Ribeiro wins 7 heats in the wave doubles @ GKA Mauritius

“Friday 13th proved lucky for Sebastian Ribeiro. After a disappointing early exit in round 2 of the single elimination against James Carew, the Brazilian powered through 7 heats in the doubles and now is ready to face James Storm Carew again in the semi-finals!”


Sep 10, 2019

The SOUL, The Mind & The Foiler

This clip is particularly dear to us at Kitesurfing Blog because it is registered in our home, in Maremma! Here is the result of a good kiter, an excellent drone driver and a tasteful editing job.

 [from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding]

Sep 9, 2019

Boots vs Straps with Alby Rondina

Alby Rondina runs us through the pro's and con's of riding bindings.
 [from Cabrinha Kitesurfing]

Sep 5, 2019

Can You Foil It

"This video is the first episode of the idea of where can we foil and what can we foil. The hydrofoil is an really nice tool that allow us to foil on different beautiful locations."
Bas Meerwijk

Stay tuned for the next episodes!

Aug 26, 2019

Incredible Madagascar

Delphine Beauchet Macaire have been in Madagascar in search of waves .. Their journey has led them to discover breathtaking landscapes, beautiful people and yes, excellent waveriding sessions: "The South West has kept its promises! The waves were slow, but once they were there, it was really amazing! "
[Delphine & Bertrand Vimeo channel]

Aug 19, 2019

CrazyFly Kiteboarding 2020 - Dominican Republic

Crazifly presents his new products with this beautiful movie shot in Cabarete. Turn up the volume and enjoy it!!
[from CrazyFly Kiteboarding Vimeo channel] 

Kitesurfing beyond physical laws

One of the most astonishing kitefoiling tricks you can do! There are harldy any limits in kitesurfing! Only the wind window, right? Or maybe not even...

Aug 6, 2019

Guincho, Portugal, by Julien Frering

"While the wind is absent and the beaches are filling up on the coasts of Europe, Portugal often presents itself as the perfect destination to find ideal sailing conditions and limited frequentation of the spots in the middle of summer.
Julien Frering Ambassador Takoon tells us about his stay at the emblematic spot of Guincho."
Takoon kiteboarding

Jul 30, 2019


"The dream of flying is older than mankind itself. This video is about a group of people who changed the way we look at flying kites by flying with them instead.
Shot on location in Cape Town, South Arica where the formula is simple. Strong winds and massive waves equate to big air!"
[from DUOTONE Kiteboarding YT channel]

Jul 24, 2019

The Kitesurfing Dog

This video is about well known dog named Zeus having an epic time Kitesurfing with his best friend owner of Epickites Dimitri Maramenides.


Let's go back 10 years to enjoy the king of freestyle and precursor of wakestyle sir Aaron Hadlow..
A video that made history thanks to the protagonist and the visionary videomaker Andy Gordon who shows us a truly exceptional editing!
[from AaronHadlow YT channel]

Jul 10, 2019

The Duotone Kiteboarding Ozdyssey

"The vast expanse of Western OZ, endless beaches and dirt, coastline roads that stretch as far as the eye can see. Four of the best wave kitesurfers were on a mission to discover the wave of their dreams, get the shot and avoid close calls with kanga-roos at all costs.."
Duotone Kiteboarding YT channel

Jul 9, 2019

Waterstarting with Kainani Drexler

Another nice video by Kainani Drexler that teaches us how to take off with a hydrofoil strapless. The protagonist shows us her progress with the hydrofoil board with real freestyle tricks and playing with her father..
[from Kainani Drexler YT channel]

Jul 1, 2019

Aaron Hadlow in TWENTY

We looked forward to this film where the protagonist is the 5 times world champion Aaron Hadlow; his unique style has been and still is a source of inspiration for all freestyle lovers, enjoy this half hour of pure action and perfection!

"2019 marks 20th year since Aaron Hadlow first flew a kite. We took this milestone as a challenge to document the best action and the journey through his favorite disciplines in kiteboarding. For this reason Aaron teamed up with filmmaker Laci Kobulsky traveling to multiple locations, meeting up with his friends and finding the best conditions in order to deliver you this full-length kiteboarding movie" 
[from AaronHadlow YT channel]

Jun 26, 2019

Boardriding Maui CloudFoiling 18

The hydrofoils are becoming popular by now, the level of the riders is rising, if you want to take inspiration for some new tricks to try this summer, look at Scott Drexler in his latest video..
Everything seems almost easy and natural.. Look and repeat!
[from boardriding maui on Vimeo]

Jun 24, 2019

Zeeko guys in Fuerteventura

Here's what freeride means! In this video the Zeeko guys show us how to have fun together with a hydrofoil..
[from micael kitefoil YT channel]

Jun 18, 2019

Sessions - The Plans Changed

Session is the name of the new Airush video where Oswald Smith is the protagonist. If you like waveriding you have to look at it, I won't say anything else...

"Notorious for extreme weather conditions, we decided to venture toward the southern regions of the Cape Point peninsula, to film a few sessions at some of the lesser-frequented wave riding spots around Cape Town."
Airush Kiteboarding

Jun 12, 2019

2019 Formula Kite World Championship - The Documentary

France’s Nico Parlier and the US’s Daniela Moroz mounted successful defences of their titles in difficult conditions at the 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships played out on the waters of northern Italy’s stunning Lake Garda.
[from kiteclasses YT channel]

Red Bull Megaloop 2019

"The storm arrived and sixteen riders from all over the world performed their gnarliest megaloops. Check out what went down during the Red Bull Megaloop event in Zandvoort(NL)."
[from Rubenm Lenten YT channel]

Boardriding Maui CloudFoiling 17

A new Boardriding Maui video: great editing with relaxing music shows us how to spend a pleasant afternoon in Maui and... who said that hydrofoil is boring? Lots of tricks to watch and learn .. Have fun!
[from boardriding mauiVimeo channel]

Jun 4, 2019

The WET Desert

Last month Sophie and Tom traveled out to Dakhla in the Western Sahara.. The kiteboarding conditions in this place are the best of the world and they made sure that they made the most of it!!
[from Tom Court YT channel]

Jun 3, 2019

Drift ... Get Stoked

The beautiful Alina Shalin is having fun in the waves of Cape Verde..
[From Flysurfer YT channel]

May 29, 2019

Aaron En La Playa

Fifth episode of the series En La Play video series from Duotone Kiteboarding featuring. The protagonist is the 5-time world champion Aaron Hadlow. Style and power to the nth degree!
[from Knot Future YT channel]

May 8, 2019

Drone shot blue lagoon in Guadeloupe

Beautiful video entirely recorded by a drone; watch this pair of athletes compete in the fantastic waters of Guadeloupe, jibe after jibe make us discover fantastic landscapes.
[from quentin Verbecke]

May 4, 2019

Kite Amigos Road Trippin in Mexico

Alex Pastor visit his friend Anthar Racca at his home spot near Cancun. He was looking forward to kite at his spot for a while and finally he found the time to get to Isla Blanca!
[from Alex Pastor YT channel]

Apr 30, 2019

Urban Kiteboarding in Copenhagen

Nick Jacobsen is a very creative and energetic guy; often he gets bored and invent something to make the day more exciting.. Look what he invented around the waters of Copenhagen!
[from Nick Jacobsen YT channel]

Apr 18, 2019

Heatstroke by Slingshot Kiteboarding

"Every day it was a new spot, a new destination with the same goal. Well, a few goals; do not get the trucks stuck. Get amazing shots. and do not die of heatstroke.
Sam Light, Alex Fox, Karolina Winkowska, and Carlos Mario best the heat in this latest flick from Patrick Wieland."
[from Slingshot Kiteboarding YT channe]

Apr 6, 2019

What's it all about

Watch Flusurfer athlete Olly Bridge sending it big in Capetown!
Not just hgydrofoil...
[from Flysurfer Kiteboarding YT channel]

Mar 28, 2019

Big air mega loop - Marc Jacobs

"Never seen before tricks like the Mega loop board off late roll" .. With these words, Switch Kiteboarding presents this beautiful movie, shot in Cape Town during RedBull King of the Air, where the protagonist is that crazy Marc Jacobs that seems have recovered very well from the bad accident of some months ago.. No pain no game!
[from Switch Kiteboarding YT channel]

Mar 21, 2019

The best wipeouts during GKA Cabo Verde

The saying goes: not all donuts succeed with the hole..
[from GKA YT channel]

Mar 19, 2019

Girls of Kitesurfing

Embark for seven days in paradise with Paula Novotná, Rita Arnaus, Vrinda Hamal and Karolina Larsson in this beautiful Stance Kiteboarding video.
[from Horue Movie YT channel]

Mar 8, 2019

Sensational images of a magic place to ride. These are the words that summarize this beautiful video of the team rider Star filmed in Martinique, Micka Neral. Enjoy it!
[from Star Kiteboarding YT channel]

Mar 6, 2019

Paradise Park - Necker Island

Watch Kai Lenny in a fantastic spot like Necker Island; a video that will please a lot of lovers of hydrofoil, jumps and wave riding with and without a kite..
Amazing how technology increases our fun in the water..
[from Kai Lenny YT channel]

Mar 3, 2019

Keahi barrel hunting in Australia

Keahi de Aboitiz has dedicated his year to chasing big swells and the biggest barrels he can fit himself into. He starts off his year in Australia where he says "It was the best barrel I've ever kitesurfed".

In this short video in slow motion an appetizer of what he will see in a few days.
[from Cabrinha Kitesurfing YT channel]

Feb 23, 2019

Bruna Kajiya, Guille Alvarez and David Tonijuan in Brazil explosive video! Enjoy
[from David Tonijuan YT channel]

Feb 19, 2019

Western Sahara by David Tonijuan

This video diary deserves to be seen; excellent editing and stunning images.. I leave you directly to the words of the protagonist:
"This video is about getting lost in the middle of the desert and roadtrippin on the way to Mauritania looking for kiteboarding outstanding spots."
David Tonijuan

Feb 17, 2019

King of the air 2019 best jumps and crashes

The Red Bull King of the Air is the most spectacular competition in the world, the strong off-shore wind and 2-meter ramps allow extreme tricks. Enjoy this beautiful video mix, edited by Actionedit, the 2019 edition just ended in Cape Town!
[from Actionedit YT channel]

Feb 13, 2019

16 Year old guy jumps 23m

Clement Huot, 16, shows us his incredible megaloops on a day not quiet prorpio. Power and style for this young Naish team athlete.
[from Naish YT channel]

Feb 12, 2019

100% Hydrofoil Freeride with Team Zeeko

In this video edited by Micaël Reynaud, we see Team Zeeko in a pure freeride session. Trick in slow motion with a successful soundtrack. Turn up the volume and relax for 3 minutes.
[from micael kitefoil YT channel]

Feb 9, 2019

KING OF THE AIR - Nick Jacobsen & Jessie Richman

Watch Nick Jacobsen and Jessie Richman raise the technical level of their super jumps every year. Wind at 40 knots and ramps of 2/3 meters, please do not try this at home .. or even yes!
 [from Julien Leleu YT channel]

Feb 5, 2019

Kitesurf with dolphins

Paulino Pereira meet this two beautiful young Dolphins playing on the waves like he was.
[Paulino Pereira YT channel]

Loup Ziarkowski - 9 year old

Loup Ziarkowski is a young kitesurfer who has started practicing this sport for just a year.
How not to believe that children learn quickly, in fact in this video Loup shows us the first kiteloop!
[from One Launch Kiteboarding YT channel]

Feb 3, 2019

Kite loops with Kainani Drexler

Foil freestyle and learn to do kite loops with Kainani Drexler and her dad on Maui. 
[from Drexler YT channel]

Feb 1, 2019

One Decade by F-One

Madascar told by F-One:

"10 years ago we went on a trip to Madagascar we would never forget. There are memories that deserve to be lived again. Going back this year we realized that some dreams do become true.
Back then Raphael and the team went to the land of a divine barreling left and an ideal lagoon on the Emerald Sea to shoot Addikt. The memories of those rides were intact and they were dreaming to relive them.
At the time they dreamt of getting barreled with more compact surfboards, flying above water and landing double handle passes. They inspired some kids to become pro kiteboarders, some others to learn how to fly. Those dreams came true."
[from F-ONE Youtube channel]

Jan 27, 2019

Did I JUMP 29 meters?!

Roderick Pijls in this video puts into practice the advice received from friends Jerrie and Gijs, both participants of the King of the Air 2019, to jump higher and stretch as possible.
[from Roderick Pijls]

Jan 24, 2019

Windy Planet by Tom Court

Tom Court tells us about his 2018 with all his difficulties; I leave you directly to his words and his performances in water:

"Its been a while since I made a video of my own riding and it has been a long journey for me to get back to a place where I even wanted to film my riding. Injury is by far the biggest test that any athlete goes through in their career and something that I think everyone needs to experience to appreciate. This video is a recount of some of the things that I have been through over the past year in 2018 and how I have managed to get back to a place that makes me happy. Kiteboarding is an amazing sport that can offer a lot, don't let anything hold you back from getting out on the water..."
[from Tom Court]

Jan 15, 2019

Heaven by the sun

A special montage for this video by Camille DELANNOY that shows us some beautiful new school trick surfing strapless. Good learning ;)

Jan 6, 2019

Lucky kids

This video is about well know pro kiter Dimitri making few kids happy, happier than with any videogames..
[from Dimitri Maramenides]