Feb 23, 2019

Bruna Kajiya, Guille Alvarez and David Tonijuan in Brazil

...an explosive video! Enjoy
[from David Tonijuan YT channel]

Feb 19, 2019

Western Sahara by David Tonijuan

This video diary deserves to be seen; excellent editing and stunning images.. I leave you directly to the words of the protagonist:
"This video is about getting lost in the middle of the desert and roadtrippin on the way to Mauritania looking for kiteboarding outstanding spots."
David Tonijuan

Feb 17, 2019

King of the air 2019 best jumps and crashes

The Red Bull King of the Air is the most spectacular competition in the world, the strong off-shore wind and 2-meter ramps allow extreme tricks. Enjoy this beautiful video mix, edited by Actionedit, the 2019 edition just ended in Cape Town!
[from Actionedit YT channel]

Feb 13, 2019

16 Year old guy jumps 23m

Clement Huot, 16, shows us his incredible megaloops on a day not quiet prorpio. Power and style for this young Naish team athlete.
[from Naish YT channel]

Feb 12, 2019

100% Hydrofoil Freeride with Team Zeeko

In this video edited by Micaƫl Reynaud, we see Team Zeeko in a pure freeride session. Trick in slow motion with a successful soundtrack. Turn up the volume and relax for 3 minutes.
[from micael kitefoil YT channel]

Feb 9, 2019

KING OF THE AIR - Nick Jacobsen & Jessie Richman

Watch Nick Jacobsen and Jessie Richman raise the technical level of their super jumps every year. Wind at 40 knots and ramps of 2/3 meters, please do not try this at home .. or even yes!
 [from Julien Leleu YT channel]

Feb 5, 2019

Kitesurf with dolphins

Paulino Pereira meet this two beautiful young Dolphins playing on the waves like he was.
[Paulino Pereira YT channel]

Loup Ziarkowski - 9 year old

Loup Ziarkowski is a young kitesurfer who has started practicing this sport for just a year.
How not to believe that children learn quickly, in fact in this video Loup shows us the first kiteloop!
[from One Launch Kiteboarding YT channel]

Feb 3, 2019

Kite loops with Kainani Drexler

Foil freestyle and learn to do kite loops with Kainani Drexler and her dad on Maui. 
[from Drexler YT channel]

Feb 1, 2019

One Decade by F-One

Madascar told by F-One:

"10 years ago we went on a trip to Madagascar we would never forget. There are memories that deserve to be lived again. Going back this year we realized that some dreams do become true.
Back then Raphael and the team went to the land of a divine barreling left and an ideal lagoon on the Emerald Sea to shoot Addikt. The memories of those rides were intact and they were dreaming to relive them.
At the time they dreamt of getting barreled with more compact surfboards, flying above water and landing double handle passes. They inspired some kids to become pro kiteboarders, some others to learn how to fly. Those dreams came true."
[from F-ONE Youtube channel]