Jun 26, 2019

Boardriding Maui CloudFoiling 18

The hydrofoils are becoming popular by now, the level of the riders is rising, if you want to take inspiration for some new tricks to try this summer, look at Scott Drexler in his latest video..
Everything seems almost easy and natural.. Look and repeat!
[from boardriding maui on Vimeo]

Jun 24, 2019

Zeeko guys in Fuerteventura

Here's what freeride means! In this video the Zeeko guys show us how to have fun together with a hydrofoil..
[from micael kitefoil YT channel]

Jun 18, 2019

Sessions - The Plans Changed

Session is the name of the new Airush video where Oswald Smith is the protagonist. If you like waveriding you have to look at it, I won't say anything else...

"Notorious for extreme weather conditions, we decided to venture toward the southern regions of the Cape Point peninsula, to film a few sessions at some of the lesser-frequented wave riding spots around Cape Town."
Airush Kiteboarding

Jun 12, 2019

2019 Formula Kite World Championship - The Documentary

France’s Nico Parlier and the US’s Daniela Moroz mounted successful defences of their titles in difficult conditions at the 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships played out on the waters of northern Italy’s stunning Lake Garda.
[from kiteclasses YT channel]

Red Bull Megaloop 2019

"The storm arrived and sixteen riders from all over the world performed their gnarliest megaloops. Check out what went down during the Red Bull Megaloop event in Zandvoort(NL)."
[from Rubenm Lenten YT channel]

Boardriding Maui CloudFoiling 17

A new Boardriding Maui video: great editing with relaxing music shows us how to spend a pleasant afternoon in Maui and... who said that hydrofoil is boring? Lots of tricks to watch and learn .. Have fun!
[from boardriding mauiVimeo channel]

Jun 4, 2019

The WET Desert

Last month Sophie and Tom traveled out to Dakhla in the Western Sahara.. The kiteboarding conditions in this place are the best of the world and they made sure that they made the most of it!!
[from Tom Court YT channel]

Jun 3, 2019

Drift ... Get Stoked

The beautiful Alina Shalin is having fun in the waves of Cape Verde..
[From Flysurfer YT channel]